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Welcome to instalment number two of ‘does Taryn really need to collect all of this stuff’ also known as my new series – My Kitchen Collections. You can see my mortar and pestle collection here.

This week I’m showing you my collection of ‘limited’ or ‘unique’ edition Absolut Vodka bottles and I’m going to make you a Yuzu Cocktail with Vodka and Mint.

absolut vodka

Only two of these bottles still contain vodka, but don’t worry, I assure you that I’ve shared the drinking of this vodka with many friends over many years.  A long time ago, I started this collection with the sequinned red bottle in this picture. It’s called the Masquerade and the sequin cover unzips to reveal a standard bottle underneath. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it and ever since then, when the limited editions come out, I always have a squiz to see if I’ll be adding to my collection.

Long time readers might have seen the orange coloured bottle before. It is a unique edition (duty free size) that Key picked up for me while we were living in Singapore. It’s empty now of course as I couldn’t ‘import’ alcohol when we moved back here to Aus. My favourite bottle is the one on the far left, which is called the Glimmer. It’s so simple, but classic and it reminds me of beautiful vintage glassware that I’ve always been very fond of. The middle bottle is again a duty free size and apparently in this edition, each blue drop in the glass is slightly different so no two bottles are the same.

I don’t think the bottle on the far right is actually limited edition, but it’s still lovely and hard to find in that it is a duty free size of the Grapevine vodka which has grape, dragon fruit and papaya flavours.

I’m not a big drinker, but if I’m drinking a spirit, more often than not it is vodka. I have some other vodka recipes, you can check them out here, but for now, you should make this yuzu cocktail. It’s delicious!


Is this technically a cocktail? I’m not sure, but I’m normally not one for cocktail shakers, I’m more of a mix and go kind of gal.


citron tea mix

We need to talk about this yuzu marmalade. I’m calling it that because, to me, that is precisely what it is. It is often used in South Korea (and other Asian countries) in, what they refer to as, a hot or cold tea. It is essentially a jam or sweet, thick preserve that is traditionally mixed into water to make a delicious drink. It is predominantly made from yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit) but it may also include some other more common Western citrus varieties like oranges and mandarins.

You’ll need to make a trip to your fave Asian grocer and you will need to be on the lookout for something called Citron tea, Yuzu tea or Yuja Cha (yuzu tea in Korean) Check the ingredients to find one that is all (or mainly) yuzu fruit. You will almost certainly find this at a good Korean grocer (and that’s where I got mine) but I also found it to be quite common in Singapore, so a good all-rounder Asian grocer should have it too. Use the leftovers like a marmalade on toast, or make a traditional hot citron tea…yum!


mix in jug

In a jug, mix together the yuzu marmalade with some just boiled water. Mix well and then refrigerate until it is cold.


Yuzu Cocktail with Vodka and Mint - My Kitchen Collections | The Wooden Spoons

Once the base is chilled, add the vodka, mint and lemonade to the jug and stir to combine.


Yuzu Cocktail with Vodka and Mint | The Wooden Spoons

Pour into glasses ensuring that each glass gets a bit of the yuzu candied peel in it. Feel free to strain out those mint floaties. As I’ve mentioned before though, I personally love them :)


Vodka Yuzu Cocktail | The Wooden Spoons

Can we talk about the shadows and light in these pics? I know it’s probably not ‘technically’ a good thing in photography, but I’m quite chuffed with how these photos turned out :)


Yuzu Cocktail with Vodka and Mint

Ingredients – Makes 3-4 serves

  • 1 cup of Yuzu marmalade aka Citron Tea
  • 4 single shots of vodka – 30ml each
  • 200ml of lemonade, chilled
  • Approximately 10 leaves of mint, chopped



  1. In a large jug, mix together the yuzu marmalade with ¾ cup of just boiled water. Once mixed well, set aside for 10 minutes before refrigerating for approximately 40 minutes or until chilled.
  2. Once chilled, add the vodka, mint and lemonade to the jug and stir to combine.
  3. To serve, pour into glasses ensuring that each glass gets a bit of the yuzu candied peel in it.


Yuzu Cocktail | The Wooden Spoons





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