Singapore Life #39 – Tree Top Walk

tree top walk

A few weekends back, Key and I did the Tree Top Walk in MacRitchie Reservoir Park



I looked up the map online and found that there were a few different tracks to get to the Tree Top Walk. I figured that Route 6 with a round trip of about 7km would probably be best for this unfit blogger who has spent most of the year eating and typing at a computer. So we caught the train and bus to get there, sunscreened up and we were on our way.



After about a minute of walking we saw monkeys and there were plenty more along the walk! Look at the little bubba monkey…naw!



The setting was unsurprisingly tropical. I’m still amazed at how green Singapore is.


tree top walk

Check out this stunning old tree.


tree top walk singapore

It was unsurprisingly hot and sticky, but most of the walking tracks were quite shaded from the forest canopy, so there was respite from the sun and I didn’t feel like my super pale skin was getting scorched at all.




After an hour or so of walking and at the top of a a very big hill, we finally got to the (apparently heavily sponsored) Tree Top Walk.



A large suspension bridge stretches about 250m across, with the highest point being about 25m off the forest floor.




That body of water is the Upper Pierce Reservoir.


tree top walk singapore

Probably not one for the acrophobes, but it didn’t feel that high up for me. I guess the tree canopy below gave a false illusion that we were closer to the ground than we actually were.



The walk itself was long but pretty easy but there were a lot of stairs just after coming off the suspension bridge. Mostly up, but even the ones going down were giving me jelly legs.

We left fairly early in the morning to beat most of the midday sun and we took 2 litres of water with us, most of which I drank (Key doesn’t seem to need to chug the water like I do) Those stairs were a challenge, but I’m glad we did it and I’m proud to say that I didn’t even have sore muscles the next day :)



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