Singapore Life #10 – Temple Street Kitchenware Haul and Seasoning a Wok

Wow, I can’t believe we are up to Sing Life number 10. That means I’ve been blogging for 10 weeks now!

Last weekend, Key and I went to Temple St in Chinatown as we both wanted a wok. We ended leaving with a bit of a kitchenware haul.

I’ve mentioned Temple St in Chinatown previously. The street has at least seven kitchenware and kitchen supply shops along it. One side seems to be more expensive and upper end and the other side is super cheap and AMAZING! Our favourite place along there is called Sia Huat and nearly everything in our haul was from there.


(camera phone photo)

Temple St has basically everything you would need if setting up either a domestic kitchen or even a restaurant in Singapore. Sia Huat has some amazing commercial mixers and a massive pasta maker that Key was eyeing off. There are also a lot of massive stock pots with equally massive stirrers and spoons to suit them and the local cooking culture.

Or perhaps you would like a whisk that’s basically the same height as you and the size of your head. (excuse the fact that I look like I haven’t slept in a million years, I assure you, that is not the case. How can I live in a crazy hot climate and still be so white?)

Here is what we got…



This mortar and pestle actually wasn’t part of the haul. I just had to show it to you because I’ve mentioned before that I have been looking everywhere for one. I finally found this one at Ikea of all places! It’s sitting on the biggest stack of steamer basket liners that I have ever seen. These were part of the haul and we picked them up for our new bamboo steamer baskets!


bamboo steamer baskets

We got 2 layers of these great bamboo steamers and the wok they are sitting in. As you can see what have already put them and the steamer liners into action. Recipe for gyozas coming up for you soon :)


kitchenware haul

Here is the rest of what we got. A great quality steel so now our knives are all nice and sharp again. A spatula, or wok turner that is the perfect size for our new wok. A cheap pastry brush. I just needed something basic for basting and glazing pastry and bread. A high quality thermometer for potential sugar work (that I may or may not do) and deep frying. Finally some simple white Chinese soup spoons. I already have some gorgeous ones but they are coloured and plain white looks heaps better in food photography. Yes, I’ve become that person.



Our wok was my favourite purchase though. I looked up how to season it and found this great clip. So Key offered to go to work. This second photo shows the initial discolouring of the steel as it’s dry heated over really high heat.

*cough* what random pea? *cough*


seasoning a wok

After the oiling, it got really smoky really quick. I quickly opened all of the windows and closed off the kitchen door making sure no smoke got inside the apartment.



This next step is done on a lower heat and as the wok absorbs the oil it slowly darkens in colour.



  This is the final colour after repeating the process as explained in the video.

Key did such a great job. I’m so glad with how it turned out. We made pad thai in it the other night and it was delicious and so much easier to toss the noodles about when compared to a normal frying pan.

Now I just need to get a bamboo brush to clean it. Back to Temple St I think :)



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  1. Greg Reply

    Very useful blog, after reading this I headed straight down to Temple Street, bought my cheap kitchenware and headed back to season my wok. Thanks.

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