Sissa’s Birthday Treat

Today is my sister’s birthday. Sissa doesn’t think she is a good cook and doesn’t cook much. However, she makes the best pasta bake I’ve ever had, delicious enchiladas and a perfect chopped salad.

I love cooking for my sister and I miss randomly inviting her over so I can make her dinner and then sitting outside together, with a cuppa, gossiping. Last year for her birthday, I made her these Oreo cupcakes. I made them with a packaged devil’s food cake mix *gasp* with an Oreo in the base and a cream cheese frosting with Oreos crushed through it. Decorated with a mini Oreo, they were delicious.


Important things you should know about my sister:

  • She likes chili but not curry
  • She once convinced me to wear 12 cm peep toe heels with short shorts
  • If we are together and hear the song ‘I like Big Butts’ we must sing and dance to it
  • She drinks a lot of coffee and most often in the form of a mocha


So sissa I made you this mini mocha cake. Ummm…sorry that I am over 6,000km away and you won’t actually get to eat it. I promise I’ll make it again for you if you come visit me.


It’s a chocolate espresso cake with whipped cream and coffee syrup in between the layers and drizzled on top. I have leftover coffee syrup and I will think of you today as I enjoy it in my coffee.


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  1. Rachel Granton Reply

    I’m lying in the spare bed at your mum and dads house tearing over this. I kept promising Jessie I would come on here to check out your birthday post but couldn’t admit to her that I was avoiding it knowing I would cry like a baby! So beautiful, I feel the distance beween you two from her everyday and I know how much this meant to her. I think you would have been impressed w our Italian birthday dinner cooked by an Aussie tonight at Kaleen shops! Loving the website! Lots of love to you Taryn and to my one and only Jessie x

  2. Sissa Reply

    Oh sissa! You made me have a cry at work, Miss you so much and love you even more :)

    • Taryn Reply


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