Singapore Life #11 – Singapore’s Favourite Food Festival

Last week we were in a taxi and drove past a big white tent with a sign out the front ‘Singapore Favourite Food.’ I turned to Key with that glint in my eye… another food festival!

I had to take one for the team on this one as Key was away for a few days during the week, so I caught the train out to Marina Bay Sands.


The clouds looked ominous on my short walk to the train station and sure enough it rained while I was on the train. In true Singapore style it had stopped by the time I got there though.


Singapore's favourite food

There was plenty of seating indoors and outdoors. I was there at lunch time and it was fairly quiet, perhaps because of the weather. It’s was open till 11pm though so I’m sure it gets pretty busy at night.



One of the first things I saw when I walked into the tent was this guy making popiah skins. I hadn’t even looked around yet but I knew I wanted these.



Popiah is the Malaysian version of a fresh spring roll. The wrapper is made from wheat flour and is kind of like a cross between a crepe and those pancakes that you often get in Australia if you order duck rolls in a restaurant.

From what I could tell, these popiah had some kind of turnip, cucumber, hoi sin sauce and candied peanuts which gave a great sweetness and crunch. They were delicious and the kind of thing I can see myself craving again soon.



This guy selling CKT had the longest line. I bet he uses all of those eggs plus more each day.



Giant pots of different types of laksa. This is why you can buy spoons, spatulas and whisks the size of your head in Singapore.


roast chicken rice

I had been craving chicken rice all week so next I got this plate of roast chicken rice. I always get asked if I want chilli and they don’t seem to believe me when I say yes. Then I eat the chilli that I had to convince them I wanted and it isn’t even that hot. White girl problems.

The chicken rice was delicious, but not the best I’ve had. I ate everything except all of the rice as I was trying to save room.




This girl was dribbling water over the live crabs. Not sure if that would be enough to keep them alive before someone purchased them, but they were all still moving about as I walked past them.



I was pretty full by now but I couldn’t pass up some iced cendol. Especially seeing as it was so hot. Shaved ice with coconut milk, pandan jelly, sweet kidney beans (reminds me of halo halo) jellied palm seeds and a caramelised sweet sauce called gula melaka which is palm sugar based.

So refreshing, but I had hit my limit and I couldn’t eat it all.



Cendol additions: sweet kidney beans, jellied palm seeds and pandan jelly.



This is the third food festival that I’ve been to in Singapore now. Everyone is always so lovely and it’s so true that people in Singapore really do bond and come together over food.

I waddled out of there with a full belly and garlic breath. That’s a success in my books.



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