Singapore Life #7 – Chinatown

The haze has mostly cleared this week. The far skyline is still a lot hazier than usual, but the air no longer smells at all. Apparently it could come back any time though, so on Thursday, I took the chance to get outside and wandered the streets of Chinatown.




Key and I have been to Chinatown previously as there are some great cheap kitchenware shops along Temple St. They seem to cater more towards restaurants and wholesalers but we had no issues buying small amounts. No purchasing this time, I just had a squiz.



Freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. It was the first time I’d ever tried it. It was sweet, but not too much and it had a kind of grassy flavour. It was tasty and refreshing in the heat.





Various traditional ingredients.



3 for $10. I couldn’t help myself…picked up these three for myself.





The paved streets are covered with stalls, tourists and food. Then you look up to see massive residential blocks (those things that look like flags are people’s washing drying) and air cons, so many air cons.



Got chopsticks?





Thank goodness it was quite early and I wasn’t hungry yet, or I think I could have eaten all of Chinatown.



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  1. Key Reply

    And don’t forget it has the most EPIC TINTIN store in the world.

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