Singapore Life #6 – Haze Days

This week in Singapore, it has been super hazy. The haze is caused by smoke coming from (potentially illegal) land clearing fires in Indonesia. As I type, Singapore’s Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) has hit 371. This is the highest reading ever recorded in Singapore and it falls well over the bracket of ‘hazardous.’

Personally we haven’t been affected that much. My eyes sting a bit if I go outside and when I come back inside I notice that my clothes and hair smell like I have been sitting around a campfire. I feel for those people that don’t have access to, or can’t afford air conditioning. They can’t even get respite inside their own homes. Some hospital admissions for respiratory problems have already gone up 30% for the month and the elderly and frail are heavily affected.

So just a short one from me today. This weekend, I think we will be indulging our homebody instincts, staying in and away from the smoke.

Wherever you are, look after yourself and your loved ones and enjoy your weekend.

Edit: on 21/06/13 @ 11AM Singapore time, the PSI hit 400


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  1. David Reply

    Camp fire smell without the campfire just wouldn’t be the same. Be safe, Faja

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