Singapore Life #4

We had a fairly quiet week this week, but on the weekend we went to the Singapore Food Expo. It was basically a way for vendors to showcase their brands and food and there was lots of samples as well as lots of fresh and packaged food to buy. It was absolutely packed, as most places in Singapore are on the weekend, so we happily wandered up and down the aisles trying food and buying some bits and pieces. We bought a really yummy cendol drink, a hot dog with Japanese pork sausage on it, duck pancakes and some amazing sweet and savoury pastries with the flakiest puff pastry.



We also got this Pretz / Pocky show bag including a blow up Pocky which we have been using to whack each other with. The butter flavour was amazing! So wrong, but so right.



River cruise boats in Clarke Quay. I’m sure those boats are full of tourists, that being said, I totally want to do a ‘river cruise’ while we are here. Can you spot the backwards question mark? I was so confused when I took the photo, I thought it was on the screen or something. Turns out it’s just part of an interactive quiz for kids.



I made some bread this week. I wasn’t 100% happy with it, but once I am, I’ll post it here :)



(camera phone picture)

This happened. Yes, that is a donut with Coco Pops on it. So good!



(camera phone picture)

Creepy manikins *shudders*



Amazing gardens coming out of the edge of the Parkroyal.



(camera phone picture)

 On Sunday we ate at a new place for lunch. We ordered a chicken platter which came with some bits and pieces including a pasta salad. This is the pasta salad. It’s cooked spaghetti with green salad on top. I laughed so hard. The worst part was, I actually really liked it.



(camera phone picture)

Fleur de Sel! This is the first time I’ve ever seen it available to purchase. I grimaced at the price tag then mentally noted it so that I could buy some at a later date.



(camera phone picture)

I’m a little obsessed with The Soup Spoon. It’s a franchise here that makes delicious soups, salads and wraps. This teriyaki chicken, soba noodle salad is amazing. I actually ate it for lunch again today. I plan to try and replicate it at home soon.


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