Singapore Life #3 – Gardens by the Bay

Good news! We got a new DSLR camera so from today onwards, no more camera phone photos…yay.

Last weekend we caught the train out to Garden’s by the Bay and visited the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. You can buy a ticket to go into just one of the domes or a ticket that gets you into both on one day. We paid the ‘resident’ price of $20.00SG each to visit both. Tourists are $28.00SG per person.


Two things hit me as we walked into the Flower Dome: the amazing glass ceiling and the temperature. It would have been about 23°C in there with no humidity. It was probably a good 10°C cooler in there than outside and no humidity…amazing. The glass roof is made of 3,332 glass panels of 42 different shapes and sizes.


Hot pink hibiscus.

I wanted to pick one of these oranges and eat it so badly.

The lower part of the Flower Dome has flowers and foliage from places like South West Australia, California and the Mediterranean Basin.  Way to make me home sick bottlebrush!


The upper level of the Flower Dome is closer to the glass and warmer. It is full of amazing cacti and succulents and the most amazing baobabs I’ve ever seen.

This wood carved eagle was massive and his wings were so intricate.

It’s surreal being inside a cool environment with plants everywhere and looking out and seeing the city of Singapore beyond all that glass.


 Spikes and spines. Cacti and succulents.


Can you spot the Aussie 50 cent piece?

I think my mum would love to have this wrought iron chicken in her garden.

Cool ant sculpture outside the domes near the ticket vendors.


We had lunch in between visiting each dome. Yummy dumplings.


This is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. It’s at the entrance of the Cloud Forest. The cloud forest was still cooler then outside but very humid. The climate replicates the tropical highlands up to 2,000 metres above sea level.


After the waterfall entrance, you catch a lift to the top of the ‘mountain’ and walk back down these suspended walkways. I do not recommend this if you do not like heights. I will definetly be bringing visitors from home here, but I can think of a few people that suffer from acrophobia that we won’t take to this :)


There was a random model train set in the Cloud Forest. Key took some photos for me and I made a daggy .gif…love it :)


Orchids in the Cloud Forest. Amazing.

We had a great day and I highly reccomend a visit if you’re a local or a tourist. In the very first photo, the three tall tree looking things are part of the Super Tree Grove, which we will be going back to have a look at soon.

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  1. DAVID Reply

    I want the eagle and the waterfall! Looks awesome, I was only talking about this garden with someone at work yesterday who is visiting there soon. xx

  2. Mum Reply

    Can I have the chook, the ants and those beautiful orchids?

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