Singapore Life #29 – iHerb Haul and Review Plus a Discount Code

Today I have an iHerb haul and review for you.

Discount coupon code: ZTR460

This box of goodies is the result of my third time ordering from American based company They sell nutrional supplements, organic and natural food items, other healthy products and a large range of ethical or organic beauty products.

I first found through Australian beauty vloggers on YouTube. If you live in Singapore or Australia, iHerb is the most cost effective place to buy Real Techniques make up brushes (believe me, I did plenty of research). My first two orders were focused on make up and the brushes that I lusted after, but this time, I thought I’d place a more food focused order as there were some things that I wanted to get my hands on but were quite pricey (or not available) in Singapore.


The shipping to Singapore and Australia is a flat $4 (in your currency) for packages up to around 1.8kg (4lbs exact) To give you an idea of how much that will be, this package was just under the allowance and there was a fair amount of stuff in it.

I haven’t ordered from Australia (yet) but I will hazard a guess that shipping times will be similar to what I have experienced in Singapore. Each package of mine has arrived very quickly, with this one (my heaviest order so far) dispatching 1.5 days after I ordered it and arriving exactly one week later. That’s plenty quick enough for me.



Everything I’ve ordered (including some delicate or glass items) has come thoroughly wrapped and padded, with liquid or gel items in a sealed plastic bag to stop any leakages. I haven’t had a break or spill yet.

Now, onto the haul.

If you click through to the links below, the website should recognise your location and display prices in your local currency.


iHerb haul and review

Frontier Ground Chipotle (available here) $4.74 SGD – I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but it smells amazing. Chipotle in this form is very hard to come by in both Singapore and Australia. It is a bit like a smoky paprika but much hotter. I must make burritos soon :)

Walden Farms Apple Butter Fruit Spread (available here) $3.76 SGD – Key absolutely loves this. I would describe it as an apple jam. It’s quite chunky when it comes out of the jar and so far we have just been spreading it on toast for brekkie. As you can see on the label, it has zero calories, which means it’s packed full of artificial sweetener and I can detect that chemical sweet taste. It’s not awful, but I like it only in small doses.



Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (available here) $10.66 SGD – EV coconut oil is expensive stuff, so I think this is a really good price and it’s a big tub. I plan to use this for cooking, to spoon into my coffee (delicious) and I’m going to try it as a hair oil too.



Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey (available here) $8.44 SGD – This raw honey tastes alot like creamed honey but it’s unpasteurised and unprocessed so apparently it has more nutrients and antioxidants compared to pasteurised honey. To be honest I’m not that fussed about the health benefits, I just prefer the intense honey taste. So far we’ve used it on our toast and I’ve cooked with it in a few recipes.



Yogi Green Tea Kombucha (available here) $4.46 SGD – I’ve been interested in kombucha for a while now for it’s apparent digestive benefits. I’ve spent almost a year now eating more than I should so any help in that department is appreciated. I was expecting a funky taste, but it’s actually a delicious herbal tea with no hint of that strong green tea taste.

United Exchange Corp Moisturising Socks (available here) FREE – I hadn’t noticed the other two times I’d ordered but there is a free sample page here on the website. Every time you order you can choose one sample item for free. These moisturising socks were ok but I think I need something more heavy duty as I am currently suffering from very dry feet from wearing open shoes all year round. Gross! Now I’ve spoken about both digestion and dry feet in one post.


iHerb haul

Twinings Chai Pumpkin Spice Tea Bags (available here) $3.31 SGD – I placed this order around the same time I made my pumpkin spiced syrup so I was all pumpkin spice excited. I don’t taste any hint of pumpkin but they are a delicious chai tea flavour.

Singing Dog Vanilla Organic Ground Vanilla Coffee (available here) $12.90 – Ummm…I had a little ground coffee left in the bag from the last bag I bought but I must admit I threw it out as I wanted to try this. It’s only a medium roast so if you like a strong coffee like us, you do need to use more than usual, but the vanilla scent and flavour is definitely there. Lovely!

Twinings Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea (available here) $4.14 SGD – I haven’t had a chance to try these, I’m trying to use up my last packet of peppermint tea first. I’m sure they will be lovely though and I am a big peppermint tea fan. haul

Nutiva Organic Chia Seed (available here) $11.89 SGD – These chia seeds were the main inspiration behind placing this order. I have seen them in Singapore but they are ridiculously expensive. I’m experimenting with these now and I hope to have a dessert recipe using these for you in the new year.



Raw Revolution 100 Calorie Organic Live Food Bar Golden Cashew (available here) $12.80 –  I used to buy mini chocolate coated protein bars as an afternoon snack in Australia. They were small but low in calories and full of protein so they kept me full all afternoon. I can’t buy them here so I thought I’d try and get some low calorie bars when I placed this order. Well these certainly are low calorie, but they are a lot smaller than I was expecting…oops. Pictured next to the cherry tomato for reference. They do taste good though and there are 20 of them to a packet. (also pictured above next to the chia seeds) haul and review

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Soy Candle Basil Scent (available here) $9.60 SGD – I mentioned recently that I’ve gone  a bit candle mad, but I only like heavily scented and really good quality ones. They come at a price though! Last time I placed an iHerb order, I ordered the Lemon Verbena scent and this time I tried the Basil scent. They are both really nice and burn really evenly and last for ages. Unfortunately the only other two Mrs. Meyers scents on the site are more flowery and probably not something I’ll like, so I’ll stick with these.



TerrAmazon Raw Organic Cacao Nibs (available here) $6.48 – This is my first time trying cacao nibs. They are very strong and taste like a very dark chocolate and they also have all of the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate. I’ll be posting a delicious summer snack using these next week.



Every time I’ve ordered I’ve found a little sample or freebie in the box. I love free stuff :)


I promised you a discount code! Everyone gets one of these for themselves each time they order, but feel free to use mine if you want to order for the first time.

Discount coupon code: ZTR460

This code can be used multiple times and it will get you $10 off your first order worth $40 or more (I assume that’s in your local currency) OR $5 off on orders less than $40.

Apparently I earn credit too each time someone uses my code, but I’m not sure how that works yet to be honest :)

More info here.


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  1. young Reply

    Hi I am Korean
    Your review is really good
    I also review iHerb
    But just a little with Korean
    I owe you can write English well

  2. Adina Reply

    thanks for the ideas :)

  3. Vanessa Reply

    Hello! I’m from Singapore and I’m wondering what currency is the iHerb website in? USD? Thank you!

    • Taryn Reply

      Hi there Vanessa. I think it shows you USD unless you tell it where you are located i.e. sign in and provide your location.

  4. Alex Reply

    Hell Taryn, I was wondering if you had ordered anything of iHerb while you were in Australia? I am scared that some of the food products will be hard to get past customs.

    • Taryn Reply

      Hi Alex. I’ve just made my first order since living in Australia again, but it is yet to arrive. As I understand it, you can bring in and have food items posted to you in Aus, so long as they are a non commercial amount of processed foods and they are declared. Because the foods are processed and therefore canned / packaged they are low risk, but for safety’s sake I would have a quick read of this to get a better understanding of it for yourself:

      I hope this helps and Happy shopping :)

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