Singapore Life #21 – The Good News and The Bad News

Well the good news is that I have had a super productive week, catching up on some cooking and getting ahead on blog posts. The bad news is I haven’t really done anything photo worthy so I don’t really have a Singapore Life post for you today.


So to make up for my boringness, here is some ‘internetz love’:

This video is titled ‘Singapore’s Worst Driver’ but they might actually be in contention for the world’s worst driver. Watch till 0:38 and then skip to 1:37.

Peanut butter and jelly potato chip bars. OMG…get in my face now.

I found this cool Singaporean based blog this week. This post on Shiso leaves has already helped me find one of the many tricky-to-find products in Singapore.

I miss the cold! Maybe somewhere like this next? Side note: I also miss Sherlock.

I REALLY need to clean my oven. Oven cleaner is hard to find in Singapore as most homes don’t have ovens so I’m going to try this bicarb soda method.

Interrobang ‽ It’s a real thing and this makes me very happy.

World’s easiest cinnamon scrolls. Sold to the lady with the fuzzy hair (ahem, that’s moi)

Coconut bacon. It’s a thing. Tempting…

Key and I are going to Jamie’s Italian for lunch on Sunday. I’m going to try and be brave and take photos at the restaurant like a weirdo so I can do a mini restaurant review for you.

By the way, I’m writing this at a Starbucks while drinking a green tea latte. WHAT a hipster!


Last but not least, it’s my brother’s birthday on Saturday (I know, two birthdays in one week) so I’m wishing him a big sissa smooshy hug birthday.



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  1. Mr West Reply

    Happy Saturday to you too! Miss ya

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