Singapore Life #20 – Gobi Macarons

On our last holiday to Melbourne before we moved over here, I dragged poor Key along while I stalked little alleys in the back streets of the Melbourne CBD to get some macarons that had come highly recommended by my macaron loving best friend. I remember moaning to Key that they would be my last macarons for a while as I didn’t expect to see them in Singapore.

How wrong I was. Macarons are just as popular in Singapore as in Australia. In fact, not long after we moved here, Laduree (one of the very first places to make and sell macarons, ever) opened up their first shop in Singapore.

I am yet to try a Ladurée macaron and there are a few other places that I plan on sampling one of my favourite sweet treats from, so I will document them for you once I do.

Massive macaron nerd alert for the rest of this post.


Gobi Macarons


gobi macarons singapore

A while ago now I picked up a Groupon voucher for a giftbox of 12 macarons for $17.00 SGD (about $14.50 AUD) from Gobi Cakes in Singapore. The usual price was $29.80 SGD (about $25.40 AUD) so I figured that was a fairly good deal.

I had to email the shop to book in picking up my box of macarons, but once that was easily organised, I had no issues dropping in and picking them up.

The girl that served me was really lovely and offered me some advice on keeping them safe from the humidity. The box they were in was sealed really well and I didn’t peek at all but they were in the humidity for about 40 minutes while I caught the train home, but I refrigerated them as soon as I got home. As per her advice, I then removed them from the fridge about 20 minutes before we wanted to eat them and I let them lose some of the fridge chill in the cool, air conditioned part of our place. From what I could tell, the humidity hadn’t affected them at all.

The girl at the shop also let me know that I could freeze them if I didn’t plan to eat them all within the next few days. I confidently assured her that would not be an issue :)

gobi macarons

Top row L-R: Strawberry, Morgan Blend, Black Sheep, Pineapple, Orange, Chai

Bottom row L-R: Matcha, Orange, Pineapple, Rose, Chamomile, Strawberry

The flavours were pre-set for the Groupon voucher and I got doubles of the strawberry, orange and pineapple which didn’t really bother me as it meant both Key and I could have a whole one each of those flavours instead of sharing like we did with most of the others.



This brown one was the Black Sheep and I wasn’t sure what it was at first. According to Gobi’s website, it’s flavoured with chocolate and Malibu. It tasted like a buttery chocolate to me. I love chocolate but it can be a bit of a boring macaron flavour when compared to some of the other great combinations that you can get. This was a great example of a macaron and the flavour was good, but if (when) I go back to Gobi, I wouldn’t choose this flavour again over some of the others.

The strawberry macarons were probably some of the best macarons I’ve ever had in terms of the ‘technical’ aspects. All of the macrons from Gobi were a really high standard but the strawberry ones just had the most perfect macaron feet (that part at the base of the biscuit where it’s risen while baking) and the perfect buttercream consistency. They had also perhaps been made the day before (as good macarons often are) as the buttercream filling had had enough time to soak into the macaron biscuit slightly so that it was still perfectly crunchy on the outside but kind of gooey on the inside. So, so good.



This purple one was the Morgan Blend. When Key and I bit into it we were both really confused. I’m normally pretty good at picking flavours, but I was totally stumped on this one. It was really strong and almost had a smoky-tabacco like flavour to it, which was kind of shocking but not unappealing.

I looked it up on the website afterwards and it’s described as a Lapsang Soucheng tea flavour, blended with bergamot oil and dark chocolate.

It’s definitely the most unusually flavoured macaron I’ve ever had and I look forward to trying another one.

The orange macaron was actually an orange and chocolate jaffa flavour. It’s not my favourite combo at the best of times, but I did enjoy it. It did make me think of another time in Melbourne with my best friend. She found an amazing jaffa flavoured macaron that she absolutely adored.



The pineapple macarons didn’t have a buttercream filling, instead they had what I would describe as a pineapple jam in the middle. It did change the texture of the macaron a little and as you can see above, the filling was quite textural instead of a smooth buttercream. The flavour was definitely a true pineapple though instead of a fake pineapple flavour that I assume you could only get if the filling was buttercream based. It was easily the best pineapple macaron I’ve ever had.



The white macaron with the green flakes on it was the matcha (Japanese green tea powder) flavoured one. The buttercream was that gorgeous creamy green colour that you see in typical matcha desserts and it had a really good true matcha flavour. I couldn’t quite work out what the green flakes on top were, but it looked gorgeous nonetheless.



The rose macaron didn’t have a strong enough rose flavour for me, but to be fair, I do like a really strong rose flavour so it may have been perfect for someone else’s tastes. As you can see from the pic, the buttercream was really runny in this one. I wasn’t particularly concerned by that though and perhaps it was just one that was more sensitive to the heat.



I was really looking forward to the chai macaron and I was even more excited when I thought that those black flakes on top were pepper. I must admit that when I tasted this one though, I had no idea it was the chai. I actually only realised later when I looked online that this was the chai one. It wasn’t bad by no means and perhaps I just had too many other flavours going on, but this one didn’t hit me with a chai flavour like I expected it would of.

The green chamomile tea flavoured macaron was my favourite of the lot. I drink a chamomile, honey and vanilla tea mix and this macaron reminded me of that. As soon as I bit into it I got a chamomile flavour burst and I really, really loved it.


gobi macarons

I can highly recommend the macarons from Gobi Cakes. I’m going to try some Lauduree and Canele ones next, but I do plan to go back to Gobi for more macarons when my waistline allows it :)


macaron gif



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