Singapore Life #2 – ArtScience Museum

A few weeks back, we visited the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. We were lucky enough to see The Art of the Brick and Mummy, Secrets of the Tomb. Lego and Egyptian history are two things that we both have a keen interest in, so the timing was perfect. This was the day that the DSLR broke, but we managed to get lots of photos in the morning, some of which are below for you.

Part of the beauty of going to the ArtScience Museum is coming up from the underground train station into the Marina Bay Shoppes, which lie at the bottom of Singapore’s famous ship on a building.


This mall is extravagant. I’m talking Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bvulgari and a canal in which you can take gondola rides. I’m not personally interested in any of these shops, or canal rides for that matter, but it’s worth a look and there are some great places to eat in there too.


There is a massive shopping culture in Singapore, but I think a lot of that involves just walking around the shops, so you won’t feel out of place just wandering around even in casual clothes. Oh, and the skating rink. Every mall needs a skating rink!


The museum itself is architecturally amazing. We wandered around outside for about 20 minutes just gazing lovingly at all the concrete porn. It’s set on one side of Marina Bay so it really is just a stunning place to wander around.


Nathan Sawaya is the man behind the Lego creations in Art of the Brick. His work is truly amazing, you might recognise some of the pieces that we saw here.


This dinosaur was my favourite piece. I can’t even imagine how many pieces of Lego are in that and where on earth do you get that much Lego of the same colour? The patience he must have astounds me. I immediately asked Key to make some Lego wall art for our place here. I don’t think he was that keen on that much effort ;)


Mummy, Secrets of the Tomb wasn’t bad, maybe a bit tacky in places perhaps. It started with a 3D movie which I don’t like at the best of times, but it gave a good insight into a specific mummy. They had not unwrapped the mummy but had done 3D scans of his mummified remains and were able to give some insight to who he was and a bit about his life. After the movie, we walked through a small exhibition which had some small artifacts and some large, somewhat tacky replicas like one of the Rosetta Stone. At the end of the exhibition however, you got to see the actual mummy that had been introduced in the 3D movie. It was incredibly creepy and fascinating for me, knowing that there was the remains of someone in there especially seeing as we had just learnt so much about him.

No photos were allowed in this exhibit sorry. So here is one of a typical Singapore skyline instead. Greenery, Louis Vuitton and Skyscrapers.


After the museum, we braved the heat and walked right around Marina Bay to Esplanade Theatres on the Bay – the spiky dome shaped building in the photo below. It’s said to have been modelled on a Durian and it’s shingled roof really does look like the spiky skin of one.


After that long walk, I was so excited to walk into air conditioning in another shopping mall on our way back to a different train station. I was even more excited when we found a Max Brenner. I didn’t even know Max Brenner was in Singapore! I had an amazing peanut butter and chocolate frozen monstrosity that I have been dreaming about ever since and Key had this make your own ice cream.


We had a great day, and I highly recommend the Art of the Brick exhibit if you are able to see it.

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