Singapore Life #19 – Singapore Life via Australia

Our trip back home was so great. I got to spend some time with some of my favourite people and I got to meet a new little man who has cemented his place as one of my new favourites.

In true Taryn style, I had so much fun, I barely took any photos…I really need to work on that.

I missed blogging for you guys, so I’m glad to be back and I have a tasty recipe for you on Monday. Meanwhile, here are just a few pics from our week away.


(camera phone photo)

One of our first stops was to Ricardo’s as I had to have me one of these babies. This was my first cronut and it was everything I wanted it to be. A simple croissant or donut will never be the same for me again. They need to be combined into one of these delicious monstrosities. Mine was salted caramel and Key had a chocolate one.



These are THE wooden spoons! This is just a small part of mum’s collection.



I was hoping it would still be cold in Canberra and I got my wish. It was freezing and in hindsight I did not pack enough warm things. I went out one night in sandals and couldn’t bear it so I ducked into Target and bought a pair of boots on clearance.



The Tibbs was happy to see us but also very happy to be living with Ma and Faja who are looking after her while we are living in Singapore.



After not sleeping at all on the overnight flight there, coffee was my best friend all week.



I’m sure this old man was not pleased that the Canberra winter was still in full force.



(camera phone photo)

I had an amazing meal with Mama J at Courgette. This was my glazed wagyu beef cheek with celeriac espuma and confit mushrooms.



(camera phone photo)

This was my dessert. An amazeballs chocolate jaffa ganache with an orange sorbet.



Suitcase-ception. Despite not packing any cold weather shoes, I actually managed to pack sensibly for once. Normally I seriously over pack, but this time I even managed to put my medium suitcase into my larger one so that I could bring back the larger one that mum had borrowed on her way back from Singapore last month.



I had a list of a few food items that I wanted to bring back, but funnily enough I found a lot of them in Singapore not long before our quick visit back. I only ended up bringing back this pearl couscous which Key loves and that we haven’t been able to find here.



How cheap is duty free alcohol? We are not big drinkers though and I still have the majority of my vodka that Key got me from another trip so this vodka is actually a present for someone special :)



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