Singapore Life #18 – Boats and Cholula (The Important Things in Life)

Just some random photos to show you what we have been up to lately.


Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited out on a boat for a day trip to Lazurus Island. It was a surprise farewell for some friends who are moving back to Australia soon. We met at Sentosa Cove and then all jumped on a boat, took a quick trip out to Lazurus Island and then swam, drank and ate a delicious BBQ. It was a great day. I was having so much fun, I forgot to take photos…oops.



Afterwards we went back to Sentosa Island for a little bit. Sentosa Island is a funny place. Key took this photo while we were sitting on a man made beach with a view of more man made islands that are purpose built just to refine oil. It’s not exactly my idea of a perfect outlook on a beach, but each to their own.



(camera phone photo)

When mum and dad were visiting, I took mum to a cooking class for her late birthday present. We went to Coriander Leaf and did the Singapore Classics class. I can highly recommend it. The teacher had a great all round knowledge of different cuisines and although it wasn’t a hands on class, I feel like mum and I both learnt a lot.



Key is the pastry chef in our kitchen and a few weeks back he made this amazing quiche. We don’t have a proper, circular quiche dish but he still made this amazingly short, rectangular shaped pastry case. It was delicious.



Ma and pa brought me back these gorgeous bowls and spoons from their trip. The bowls are made of coconuts!



This is me getting distracted by the awesome ‘Singapore life’ view from the kitchen window. This is what I look at when I am cooking :)



(camera phone photos)

We got some moon cakes! We had one with lotus paste and two yolks and another with ham and nuts. They were rich and very filling. I’m glad I got to try them, but I wouldn’t rush back for more, especially considering how expensive they are.



Making Vegemite scrolls = home sickness temporarily eased.



I have a list of things that I need to stock up on when we visit back home next week. Can you believe Cholula was one of them? Not now though, I finally found some at Foodie Market Place.  We checked this speciality grocer out thanks to a recommendation from some fellow Aussie steak loving friends and boy am I glad we did. The steak is amazing, and quite reasonably priced.



Inspired by my Cholula find, I thought we could try making corn tortillas from scratch. Turns out it’s not that fun. I’d read somewhere online that you could use a chopping board to flatten them if you didn’t have a tortilla press. Take my advice, don’t bother making them unless you have a press. Key had to end up sitting on the chopping board to get them flat enough. Not sure that’s how they do it in Mexico…



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