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Now that we are back in Canberra, it may seem a strange time to give you a tour of our Singaporean condo. I found these photos though and thought you might like to have a squiz, especially at the kitchen where, so far, all of the recipes on this blog have been cooked.

Now before I start, I definitely need to tell you that I am a much better cook than an interior decorator, so forgive me for that. Let’s also address the fact that what we were living in, was referred to as a ‘condo’ in Singapore. I never got used to saying that though and as an Australian, it felt a bit wanky to call it a ‘condo’ as it is not a word that we would normally use. Nevertheless, I shall refer to it as a Singaporean would find normal…so condo it is.


The kitchen was split into two areas by a door. This is the ‘dry’ kitchen which was basically bench space and cupboards. This area opened out onto the living and dining area and was air conditioned. I guess the idea is that if you had a maid (which is fairly commonplace in Singapore) they would use the ‘wet’ kitchen and this area would be a final prep or serving kitchen. We used it as storage and pantry space mainly and only used the bench for kitchen activities if we were making something like pastry that really did need a cooler environment.



Through the door from the ‘dry’ kitchen into the ‘wet’ kitchen. While the condo was air conditioned, no air conditioner directed into this space, so it was generally fairly warm in there all the time. I had a little thermometer in there and I saw it range from 24°C to 38°C but it generally sat around 27°C. The double sink space was a little awkward because there wasn’t any good space for a drying rack if you didn’t want to lose that precious bench space in between the sink and hot plates. So you can see just the edge of it in this pic, we actually put our drying rack over the top of the second sink. It meant we lost a bit of sink space but it worked for us. There was no dishwasher, so a drying rack was a must.

The very top picture in this post is the day before the removalists came in to pack everything up.



The bench under the window is where I did all of my food prep and you may recognise it from all of the recipe photos on here. It looks small in this pic and it was narrow, but there was just enough space for food prep. The direct view out of the window looks into a wall, but to the right it opens right out and we had a lovely view of the street life below.

The fridge, washing machine and microwaved aren’t pictured, but they were just off to the edge of this pic to the right.



This is the main living and dining area that you basically walked into from the front door. It looks small in here again, but that was a damn long entertainment unit and a big 3 seater couch behind the book case, so that should give you a better idea of the big space we had. When we were first viewing properties to rent, our agent first took us into a slightly smaller 2 bedroom apartment in the same condo, so when we walked into this big bright space in our 3 bedroom place, this open area is what sold us. Let’s be honest, we rarely used the dining table for its intended use, it was mainly used as my desk space instead.

The doors at the end of this picture opened out onto a lovely balcony which we didn’t use at all. It was too hot!

The hallway (to the left of where I was standing when I took this) lead to the bedrooms and bathroom.



This was the spare bedroom when it was all set up for mum and dad to stay with us. When that queen bed was pushed up against the window, there was just enough space to fit in 1 bed side table and to walk around the end of the bed. It did have a decent sized built in wardrobe though which got plenty of use. I don’t have a pic of the first bedroom that Key used as his study. It was slightly smaller than this room though and wouldn’t have fit even a double bed. Again it had a great built-in though and was a good size for Key’s big desk and computer.



This was our main bedroom and my favourite room of the apartment. Those windows were awesome! That’s our queen bed, with bedside tables on each side, with plenty of room to walk around it. No room for a tall boy, but the built-in wardrobe was quite big in this room so it made up for it. The ensuite doorway was just behind where I was standing when I took this photo.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this little squiz at our condo in Singapore.



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