Singapore Life #16 – Singapore Botanic Gardens – Picnic In The Park

Last weekend we spent all day having a picnic in the park at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Our social event organiser, The Lovely L, rallied the troops and we spent the day snacking on delicious goodies, drinking sangria, throwing the frisbee, meeting new friends and just generally sitting on our butts. It was one of the best days I’ve had so far in Singapore.


We arrived a bit before we were meeting everyone else, so we wandered around for a bit. I took some photos of flowers because apparently I’m into that.



The more accomplished photographer between the two of us (read Key) got this amazing shot of a dragonfly. And…



…this amazing long exposure of a waterfall.



Green grassy goodness.



Picnic essentials #1: good friends



Picnic essentials #2: The Lovely L’s world famous sangria and lots of snacks.



I contributed my guacamole, savoury scones and a very tart lemon tart. Recipes for the scones and tart coming up over the next few weeks. There was also some amazing honey brownies, an awesome spinach dip and a tasty shrimp dip.



Picnic essentials #3: Penis shaped bottle opener that can double as a sangria stirrer and spoon.



Picnic essentials #4: A friendly puppy. This is Bruno.



Picnic essentials #5: A big leafy tree to sit under for shade and to keep cool. Bliss.


singapore botanic gardens

There were a few groups around during the day but around dusk when it was cooler, many more people joined in.



   We were there from around midday to 8PM. Fantastic day!



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