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I’ve been a bad food blogger. I didn’t cook recipes for the blog last week as I had planned to. In my defence, I did create some new recipes (and made some yummy dinners) but we were staying at mum and dad’s and while they have a lovely kitchen, it was overcast a few days and the light just wasn’t right for taking photos.

Then over the weekend, we moved into our new place…yay! We are mostly settled in now and all of the Canberra based kitchenware is unpacked. The kitchen is full and a repurposed linen cupboard is also being used to store extra appliances. I then have even more stuff in another cupboard. I’m not sure where the stuff that is currently being shipped from Singapore will fit, never mind, I’ll worry about that once it arrives.

I do have one more recipe that I made in Singapore to post and I also have some lifestyle posts lined up. Hopefully I can get my butt into gear over this weekend and do some blog cooking in our new kitchen, so that I have some new recipe posts for you next week.

During our move from Singapore to Canberra, we were basically packing, moving and living out of hotels and staying with our parents for about a month. It’s fair to say that some seriously unhealthy eating was happening. The positive of this? It was delicious and I have photos to show you. The negative is that it’s damn unhealthy for me to eat like this for an extended time. I’m trying to get back onto a healthier food and exercise regime now, but today, let me show you some of our recent eats.


(camera phone picture)

Banana and chocolate tarts from Fruit Paradise. Hands down the best tarts that I’ve ever had and Key is a big fan too. A new outlet had just recently opened in our local shopping centre so it was easy to get our final fruit tart fix before leaving Singapore. I’ve also talked a little about Fruit Paradise here.



We had a bottle of duty free gin that we needed to get through before leaving (oh what a struggle) and we stumbled across a great gin combo. It’s gin, yuzu juice and a little lemonade for some fizz. Yum..we drank a few of these in our final few weeks.



(camera phone picture)

We to Osaka Ohsho which is a casual Japanese place in the Raffles City food court. I had a tofu hamburger rice set with gyoza. I love it when tofu is added to minced meat to make a tender hamburger, I must try it myself.



(camera phone picture)

Key had this set. I can’t remember what it was called, but under that dome of fluffy omelette, there was some delicious ham fried rice. Key really enjoyed it.



Of course I needed a final cendol fix. This is the signature cendol and ‘all things mango’ from All Things N’ice in Suntec City. I haven’t quite converted Key on the cendol yet, but he did enjoy his ‘all things mango.’



Kouign amanns from Tiong Bahru Bakery. It’s a damn good thing I discovered these late into our time in Singapore, otherwise I’d have even more ‘Singapore kilos’ to shed. These are amazeballs…easily the best pastry that I’ve ever had. The top picture in this post shows the crispy layers as you cut into them.



On our last full night in Singapore, we went to Changi Village for dinner as it was near our hotel. One of Key’s colleagues recommended an open air bar to us called Charlie’s Corner. Well we were very pleasantly surprised. They possibly had the best selection of ciders that I’ve ever seen. This is even more surprising as cider is definitely not as big in Singapore as it currently is in Aus. I had this Brothers Toffee Apple cider and it was deeeelicious. I could have sat there for hours, drinking cider with Key in the breezy twilight.


recent eats

Lotus biscuits (camera phone picture) the hotel we stayed in for the last few days in Singapore had these complimentary lotus biscuits in the guest lounge. Key and I have recently discovered (and fallen in love with) speculoos or cookie butter spread, so we enjoyed trying the biscuits.

Can you tell what that blue box is despite it being written in Korean? It’s Oreo flavoured cereal. I bought this on a whim and then basically destroyed it while stress eating over the last few days that we moved out of our condo. Yes, it did taste like Oreos. Yes, it’s probably still on my waistline hehe.

Jarritos from Hombre Cantina in Boat Quay (camera phone picture) This Mexican place opened up right next to where we played trivia on Tuesday nights and they just happened to have two-for-one tacos on Tuesdays. You can put those two pieces of information together and be assured that we ate there a few times over the last few weeks in Singapore.

Crispy mint M&M’s (camera phone picture) again with the stress eating :|



ADRIANO ZUMBO TIM TAMS (yes, I’m yelling that at you) I was pretty excited to hear about these coming out and I’m pretty sure they were the first thing that we bought in a supermarket after arriving back here. The verdict? Delicious, but I won’t be buying them again as they are way too easy to eat and I have no self control!



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