Singapore Life #22 – Pasar Bella Market

Last weekend Key and I went to the Pasar Bella Market. It’s fair to say that I was in foodie heaven.


The markets are located under a grandstand at what used to be a horse racing stadium. They are a bit tricky to get to unless you are one of the lucky few who drive in Singapore. There is a shuttle bus, but even on the weekends it isn’t very frequent, so we just happily cabbed it there.



Aussie mussels, Yellowfin tuna and live lobsters.

From where we entered, the first thing we came across was a seafood market. There was a lot of seafood for sale and from what I could tell, there also seemed to be a little seafood cafe there too.



Apparently these Kegani hairy crabs are pretty sought after and they are only in season September and November. This guy had a price tag of $131.30 SGD (about $110.00 AUD) so that should give you an idea of how prized they are.



Japanese groceries and some expensive rice (must have been good stuff)



There is a stall selling paella chock full of chicken, mussels and prawns. These pans were truly massive. We didn’t try it this time but plan to next time.


cheese ark

The Cheese Ark is a cold, cellar-style cheese shop.



We were excited to find that they sold unpasteurised cheese and got straight down to tasting some cheese. The lady working there was super knowledgable and asked us both what kind of cheese we liked so that she could choose some for us to sample. Key asked to try a hard cheese like a Pecorino or Parmesan and she gave us some Cirone to sample. Cirone is a Swiss cheese made from raw cow’s milk and this one had been aged 3 years. I said that I liked more softer, easy eating cheeses like a gouda so we tried a Bouysset Coup which is a French cheese. We bought 100g of both as well as a little jar of Australian made balsamic jelly.

They asked us if we were shopping for a while longer and when we said that we were, they offered to hold the cheeses for us in their climate controlled room and we picked them up later as we were leaving. A lovely touch :)



When we got home and I unwrapped the cheese to take photos, I was amazed to find that the cheese I had picked (the Bouysset Coupe) was a raw goats milk cheese. Those that know me well will also be amazed, as they know that I normally intensely dislike goats milk. In fact, I have likened it to licking a goat. This cheese was truly amazing though and didn’t have that awful goaty taste that I normally associate with goats milk cheese.

The Bouysset Coupe is the top cheese above and cost $14.10 SGD (approx $11.00 AUD) for 106g. We enjoyed it on a cheese platter with some crackers, the balsamic jelly (that was also delicious) and some pickles and dried cranberries. It was an amazing cheese…I want more.

Key’s pick, the Swiss Cirone, was $20.40 SGD (approx $17.00 AUD) for 138g. It was definitely a harder cheese more like Parmesan but was still really good on our cheese platter. I also used some of it in a risotto that I made with some of the other ingredients that I picked up on the day. Recipe will be posted next week :)

I can highly recommend The Cheese Ark. They were very knowledgable and had great customer service. They do a private cheese tasting class which I am very keen to go back and do with Key.



Succulents for sale.



Our next stop was Tangy Tangerines for some veggies. I love how they had labelled the corn ‘corny corn.’


pasar bella markets


I zoomed in on these babies very quickly. Da Paolo Gastronomia was selling these as crodos but we all know they are the famous cronuts! Unfortunately these did not live up to my expectations and in my opinion, were no comparison to the ones that we had in Canberra recently. They were much softer and more like a donut while the ones at Ricardo’s were more flaky and closer to a croissant. My pick was salted caramel and a positive was that the salted caramel had a good salt hit which I often don’t find in ‘supposedly’ salted caramel flavours. Key’s was meant to be lemon meringue flavoured but I couldn’t taste the lemon at all. To be honest we may have accidentally picked one up that was just plain cream.

The filling was also a much thicker creme patisserie compared to the light, buttery filling in the Canberra version. To be fair, I’m not a big fan of creme patisserie anyway, but it had definitely made these crodos a little gluggy and mushy in the centre.


dutch colony coffee

Next…coffee time. This was actually my second visit to Pasar Bella and the first time I had a coffee from Dutch Coffee Colony Co. I had been raving about it to Key for months so of course we had to have one each. Key had a flat white and I had my usual latte ($4.50 SGD approx $3.80 AUD each) and it was honestly one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. It is really hard to find good Western-style coffee in Singapore so I’ve been thinking about this coffee for days now. If I could buy a coffee like this for myself near by every morning, I would be a happy happy lady.



Looks like they do some coffee bean roasting on site too. Although their ‘red roaster’ was currently hibernating.


pasar bella singapore

Terragon leaves? I love a good spelling mistake ;)



This kitchenware shop was called Pantry Magic.



Kitchenware heaven!



Ok…lunchtime! I knew what I was having :)



And Key got a chicken and leek pie and went off searching for a drink for us…



I figured he would get a juice or soft drink or something but he came back with two Crabbies Ginger Beers. One was raspberry flavoured and the other strawberry and lime. The raspberry was my favourite as it was sweet but you could still taste the ginger, whereas the strawberry and lime just tasted like the Rekorderling Strawberry and Lime Cider. It was still good…just no ginger flavour.



The Crabbies went down very well with our pie and roast pork. Key’s pie had big chunks of chicken in it and a great pastry and my roast pork had crackling that shattered (YUM) with a really hot home made mustard and apple sauce. It was very tasty indeed.



I assure you I was very full by this point, but I had worked myself up into a foodie-excited state by now so I couldn’t pass up some macarons. This place was called Bonheur Patisserie. At the time, I was so excited by the macarons, that I didn’t even notice those cakes that I now see below :)



We got: peppermint and milk choc, banana and milk choc, passionfruit and white choc, thai iced tea, passionfruit and milk choc and sakura.

I’ll do a full nerdy macaron review post for you on these soon.


james' butchery

I needed some pork sausages for a recipe so we picked some up from James’ Butchery and Co before we left.



The sausages went with the fennel and thyme that I got from Tangy Tangerines for a risotto dish that I will post for you soon.



This is a long post so clearly there is plenty to do and see (and eat) at Pasar Bella Market. I cannot wait to go back. Next time I want to try the paella for sure.



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