Singapore Life #14 – Our First Visitors in Singapore!

We had our first visitors in Singapore last week. My mum and dad stayed with us for a week. They are travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia now and they will be back with us for a few days at the end of the month.

Here are some photos from what we got up to last week.


On the first day we went to Pulau Ubin. I was a little too excited (and distracted by bicycling) to take photos, so thank you to Key who took these.



Pulau Ubin is a small island just off the coast of Singapore. It’s still classed as Singaporean land but on the map it’s actually a lot closer to Malaysia. That’s Malaysia there in the background and that plane was coming in to land in Singapore.

We took a bumboat ride there for only $2.50 SGD each (about $2.10 AUD) I would describe a bumboat as a fairly run down looking, but surprisingly sturdy ferry. The ride only took about 10 minutes.


pulau ubin

We hired bikes and leisurely rode for about half an hour to Chek Jawa where we found mangroves with a boardwalk. Along the way there was a really tall man made lookout (with LOTS of stairs) and some historical buildings.

While I was planning our trip there, I had asked a friend that had been there recently if she thought it was an easy bike ride for mum and dad. She said there were some small hills but that they just got off their bikes and pushed them up the hills. We ended up doing the same except for a much fitter member of our group who rode up them on the bike (muscles!)

Turns out I shouldn’t have worried about mum and Faja on the bikes, they were great. I on the other hand was absolutely useless and rode down those small hills SO slowly :)

We saw boars (wild pigs) and even monkeys from a distance!



We had lunch at a seafood place on the island. Overall it was pretty good. We got jibbed a bit on our cereal prawns though. They must have thought we were all tourists and wouldn’t notice that our cereal prawns had hardly any cereal on them!



On our way back to the bumboat a man was selling rambutan on the side of the path. I hadn’t noticed but on the way in, Key and mum had seen him picking them freshly from trees on the island. I picked up a kilo for $3 and we feasted on them when we got home.

On the second day mum and dad were here, we did the Singapore shopping thing and managed to get to Raffles City, Marina Square, City Link Mall and Orchard Road.


satay street

At night we went to Satay Street (Lau Pa Sat) for dinner. We didn’t quite make it in time to see them closing the street down but still scored a good table and cold beers before ordering from stalls 7 and 8 which are known as ‘the best.’




Key and I are creatures of habit and haven’t tried any other stalls other than 7 and 8. But I can assure you that 7 and 8 are amazingly good. We got chicken, beef, mutton and prawn skewers and a banana and honey stuffed murtabak for dessert.

Make sure you buy some tissues or wet wipes from the old man selling them. You will need them!



On the third day we went to Gardens by the Bay and went into both the Cloud Forest and Flower Garden. Key and I had been there previously and I’ve already got a tonne of photos from the domes on here but I couldn’t help but take some more :)



The Flower Dome was decorated with red and white for the upcoming National Day celebrations.





The glass panels were getting a wash.



On the day before mum and dad flew out for Vietnam I told them that they could play tour guide for the day. We went into Clarke Quay and took a bumboat ride up and down the Singapore river.



This bumboat was a bit different from the one we took to and from Pulau Ubin. It was electric and very clean and well kept. It was also pretty slow but it did give Key and I a different point of view than what we were used to from just walking around the quays.



They were setting up for the National Day Parade which was due to take place later that afternoon so we couldn’t go as far into Marina Bay as normal. We still got a really good view though.



Prince of Wales! That’s where we go to trivia :)

  duck rice

Mum wanted to go to Newton Circus hawker centre as she had eaten there about 30 years ago when she came to Singapore for the first time. Unfortunately a lot of stalls were closed because of the National Day public holiday but we still got our noms on. I had duck rice. Yum.



Key brought some sparklers so we could have a mini National Day celebration. Dad and I went out onto the balcony and Key got some amazing shots.




When mum and Faja come back at the end of the month I plan on jamming in Din Tai Fung, the night zoo, mum’s cooking class and the ArtScience Museum.



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