Mystery Meat – Thick as Glue

It’s Tuesday, so it’s Key’s blog today. I have nothing more to say other than: gross.

I cant remember what this ‘thing’ was called, but I can tell you it was the thickest, gloopiest, most gelatinous monstrosity I have had the displeasure of eating. The flavour was not all that unpleasant and the two side sauces did help to cut through the thickness of the soup.

But no matter how much you think you had eaten of this unholy creation, it showed no signs it had been eaten. It was unnerving. In what felt like an act of gloopy defiance, it would not be beaten.

After 30 minutes I had to surrender, it had bested me. This was my first true defeat at the hands of mystery meat.

This day will forever be a horrible memory of a meal I know not-what-to-call.


Yummy CLAG


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Taryn's other half.
  1. Key Reply

    Hi Ko,

    You’re spot on thank you :)

    I think i will have to give this another chance, and i’ll be sure to have a look at some of the stall recommendations.

  2. Ko Reply

    Hi local singaporean here! Chanced upon this blog where I was looking for recipes.

    Anyway, to answer your answer, that bowl of noodles is called ‘Lor Mee’. (literally means braised noodles).
    The gravy is actually braise sauce (gravy from braising meat??) thicken, and poured over the noodles.
    more info:
    And your mystery meat is probably Ngo Hiang (five-spice) meatballs.

    Well, as a local, I never really liked this dish, so no shame in being defeated by mystery meat. If you want a second try, you might want to try it from one of the stall recommended here:

  3. Key Reply

    If someone knows what this goop is called please tell me.

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