Mystery Meat – Mixed Vegetable

Today will feature one of Key’s ‘mystery meat’ food adventures in the hawker centre below his work. You can see Key’s other post here.

The food in this hawker centre can be really good. I’ve had Indian there myself and it was delicious. However, it can also sometimes be a bit of a mystery.

This little number was bought on my first week on the job in Singapore. The idea behind the store is you get rice +++. Think self serve buffet but instead of diving a big spoon into the bain marie yourself, the lovely ‘chef’ will do the hard work for you. All you need to do is point at what you want. There are no signs displaying what it is that you are pointing at, so sometimes, it’s a bit of a mystery what you will be getting.

If memory serves me *Chairman Kaga voice* this is rice + crumbed chicken + battered fish + vegetable rice noodles and this can all be yours for $3.20SG. In hawker centres none of the food stands serve drinks, that’s all handled by a separate drinks stand. The drink in the background cost $1.20SG and it’s a lemon ice tea.

Man was that chicken oily.


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Taryn's other half.
  1. David Reply

    Looks good to me Key, as long as it is called meat I’m happy.

    • Taryn Reply

      Tofu burger for you :p

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