Mystery Meat – Chicken Rice

It’s Tuesday, so more Mystery Meat for you from Key. You can find the rest of his posts here.

This episode of Mystery Meat covers the magical and mysterious chicken rice.

How can something so simple taste so good? It’s so uninviting and plain to the eye yet complex and more-some to the mouth. My understanding is that the secret is in the stock that the rice is cooked in.

One other very Singaporean thing is fruit vendors. Most hawker centers have a fruit stand that sells pre-cut and bagged individual serves of fruit. Today was a serve of pineapple and pear (nashi pair to the Aussies).

It doesn’t matter where you get your chicken rice-on in Singapore, just get it on.


Chicken Rice - under work


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Taryn's other half.
  1. Jill Reply

    Hahaha, it’s so TRUE!!

    I visited Singapore a few months ago and saw this dish everywhere!! It’s so bland and white looking.. It wasn’t until the last day where I finally succumbed to curiosity (surely it must be good if everyone is selling it?!) and MIND. BLOWN.

    I don’t know what magic they use to make this, but I’m sold!

  2. Taryn Reply

    I want chicken rice now :)

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