Singapore Life #9 – My Singaporean Kitchen

Today, a look at some ingredients and items that are in my Singaporean kitchen.  While some of these things are new to me, a lot of them are not necessarily only available in Singapore. They are things that have inspired me lately or things that I have bought simply because I have been intrigued by them. Yes, some of the photos are obviously taken in a supermarket. I have no shame in whipping out my camera phone to take a pic of something that I may not necessarily want to purchase now, but to remember it for later.


Kaya is a coconut jam and is made by a very labour intensive process of boiling down coconut milk and eggs with sugar and sometimes some pandan for colour as well. This was a new thing for me. I had bought some within the first month of getting here. I don’t know how I will ever live without this again. If you find it available in Canberra, please start stocking up on it for me. It is amazing on toast and I am trying to come up with a way to work it into a cupcake.



Kewpie mayonnaise is definitely not a new thing for me. You can buy it in any large supermarket in Australia these days. I bought this mini bottle though because it’s so cute! Shown next to the 1L milk for size comparison.



I’ve mentioned before that the range of Mexican ingredients here is really good. I think it must have to do with the strong American expat presence. This brand is the same brand that sells the famous chipotle peppers in adobo sauce which are expensive but available in Australia. This green salsa is especially good on my chicken fajitas.



camera phone photo

As you would expect, the bubble tea phenomenon is big here.  You can also buy the pearls and jubes to make your own drinks and desserts at home. I might have to try something out with these coconut jubes soon.



This brand of chocolate….yum. I love strawberry and chocolate together and used to go mad for these bars called Lila Pauses, but I haven’t seen them in years. This brand makes an almost identical strawberry and chocolate flavour though.  So good.



Lotus roots can be tricky to find in Australia but are readily available here so long as you go to the right supermarket. They are absolutely gorgeous when cut open (see very first photo) I wanted to try making lotus root chips like I’d had at Iori in Canberra before, but I failed. I’m not only scared of deep frying but I also suck at it, so they were soggy :( I’m going to have to buy some more and try again.


fresh young coconut

I’ve spoken a little about fresh young coconuts before. The juice of these is a super hydrator, chock full of electrolytes. The flesh can also be eaten and it tastes just like a mature coconut but is quite jelly like in texture.  Apparently the water, or juice, inside of them was used as a plasma substitute in the Vietnam war.



This is my ‘unique edition’ vodka that Key got me duty free. Each bottle is completely custom so it’s one of a kind. Not only was it cheap, but I can add it to my ‘limited edition’ collection that this brand normally puts out around Christmas time. I have the Masquerade one and the Glimmer. (just google them if you want to see what they look like)



camera phone picture

I haven’t seen normal passionfruit anywhere, which is a shame because I love them. I’ll have to get some of these golden passionfruit and give them a try though.



This ABC brand ketchup manis is amazing. So different to any ketchup manis I’ve ever had before. It’s so rich and caramelised  the best thing I can compare it to is molasses.



Flank is my go-to-cut here for steak. It pales in comparison to what we would get in Canberra, but it’s relatively cheap and still really tasty. Is flank readily available in Australia? I don’t think I’d ever seen it before.



This is definitely available in Canberra as I’ve often talked myself out of an expensive purchase of it at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets. So why am I showing it here? This was $3.00SGD! Less than a fifth of the price I’ve seen it for in Canberra. I have big plans for this and some pork ribs.



I had planned to make cream cheese and Oreo truffles with these strawberry cream Oreos. But then I ate them…whoops.



Braised peanuts in a can. I’m not sure what these are used for, but they were cheap and I couldn’t help but purchase them. I have an inkling they are for nasi lemak, a famous Malaysian rice dish served with different condiments like peanuts alongside it.


singaporean kitchen

My newest wooden spoons to add to my collection. Key brought me these back from Indonesia when he was on his last work trip overseas. He knows me very well :)


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  1. mrs.panda Reply

    hi! i just found your blog because i’m looking for reviews :) and your blog is super helpful for a newbie expat’s housewife like me :) thanks for your blogposts!

    • Taryn Reply

      Hi there Mrs. Panda, so glad it’s been useful for you! Thanks for stopping by.

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