My Guacamole

I wasn’t sure whether or not to give you such a simple recipe, but I do have a bit of a trick to making my guacamole, so I thought I’d share it with you. I’m also pleased to say that I have had multiple people say that this is the best guacamole they have ever had. Don’t worry, I humbly assure you that not everyone thinks that. Lots of people like their guacamole a bit chunkier, with less acidity or perhaps even with tomatoes or coriander.

For me though, I like my guacamole with lots of salt, lots of spring onions, lots of lemon juice and my only trick? I use avocado oil instead of olive oil. Avocados with avocado…makes sense to me. For me, the avocado oil brings out that amazing creaminess in the flesh of avocados and avocado oil is also a lovely addition to salad dressings so it won’t go to waste if you buy a bottle.

I love guacamole as a dip with corn chips, carrot and celery sticks and we also have it on our burritos occasionally.

The best thing about this guacamole? As it’s so high in acidity it easily lasts in the fridge overnight without going brown. It’s just as good the day after so long as you have covered it tightly with cling wrap and refrigerated it.


Avocados are expensive in Singapore and they are almost always rock hard when you buy them. Luckily my kitchen is warm and they ripen up beautifully after sitting in the sunny window for a day or two.


avocado oil

A good avocado oil can be a bit pricey. I paid $16.00SGD for this (about $13.00AUD) but it’s beautiful in salad dressings or anything else you would use a good quality extra virgin olive oil for like a beautiful tomato bruschetta. It really adds a beautiful depth to whole avocados when added to them and you can see in the white spoon that it’s a gorgeous deep green colour.



Mash the avocados gently with a fork and stir to bring together to your preferred consistency. I like my guacamole not completely smooth but mostly broken up. You can easily get this consistency from a quick mash and stir with a fork if your avocados are ripe enough.



I love the oniony (that’s a word) flavour from the spring onions but you could use chives or add herbs like parsley or coriander if that’s what you prefer. I also like adding lots of spring onions as they add another contrasting green element.


guacamole with corn chips

I really do love guacamole. I’m salivating as I write this. I better make another batch :)



My Guacamole

Ingredients – Makes approximately 1½ cups which is enough dip for a bag of corn chips

  • 2 tbs lemon juice
  • 3 medium sized avocados
  • 1½ tbs avocado oil
  • 1 tsp sea salt flakes
  • freshly cracked black pepper
  • 3 chopped spring onions, white and green parts



  1. Put the lemon juice in a medium mixing bowl.
  2. Remove the skin and seeds from the avocados and roughly chop the flesh. Add the avocado pieces to the bowl with the lemon juice as you cut them.
  3. Once all of the avocado flesh is in the bowl, add the avocado oil, salt and a bit of freshly cracked pepper. Mash gently with a fork and stir to bring together to your preferred consistency.
  4. Test for seasoning, then stir through the spring onions, reserving a few for garnish on top if you wish. Serve with corn chips, celery and carrot sticks or dollop on nachos or burritos.
  5. Keeps well in the fridge overnight so long as it’s covered well.





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