Mighty Asian Grocery, Bonner – Asian Grocers in Canberra (Part 3)

Last weekend I popped into Mighty Asian Grocery at Bonner as I needed some Indian ingredients for an upcoming recipe. You can find their website here.

This place is very close to our house and I’ve been there a few times now. Each time I’ve been served by someone different, but every single person who I’ve spoken to there is so lovely and is clearly a foodie and so proud of their heritage – as they should be!

Mighty Asian Grocery definitely focuses on groceries from the Indian sub-continent, but they also have a few common Chinese groceries such as a range of soy sauces and other condiments.

They have some fresh vegetables depending on the day you visit and a large range of spices, sauces, pre-made frozen items like Indian pastries and some meal kits like sauce and spice bases for palak paneer and dhals. They also have beautiful large chunks of fresh paneer and big tubs of natural yogurt.


I was after some tamarind but could only find the puree on the shelves. The man that served me was more than happy to help, he showed me the ready made tamarind chutney that they sold and when I told him that’s what I was trying to make, he knew exactly what I was looking for.  He also gave me some tips on how to prepare it. I ‘ll share the tamarind chutney recipe with you soon.


indian groceries

I picked up some mustard seeds and amchur powder which I also needed for a recipe. Amchur powder is dried green mango and it has a great sweet, tart flavour.



I also got this asafoetida powder because it was so cheap. Asafoetida is powerfully smelling stuff and if you have ever been into an Indian grocer, that strong pungent smell that is always lingering, is most likely asafoetida. It’s strong smelling but it will make dhals and curries taste like they were made in India. It’s so strong that I put the whole container of it into a sealed plastic baggie and I can still smell it every time I open my spice cupboard!


Mighty Asian Grocery

I also couldn’t go past this tandoori colouring. I’ve tried to make tandoori chicken from scratch before and while it tasted good, it just isn’t the same without that bright red colour. This powdered colour will give tandoori that authentic vibrant orange tinge.



I’d seen this leafy vegetable for sale in the little grocer under our condo in Singapore, but I was never sure what it was. The man at Mighty Asian Grocery explained that it was fenugreek leaves, although in India they call it meithi. Aha! I’ve used fenugreek seeds before in cooking, so I was glad to find out what this was and I couldn’t resist picking some up. He also told me that if I can find some planting seeds for this, it grows so easily even in the Canberra cold.

If you are after Indian groceries on the north side of Canberra, I’d definitely check out Mighty Asian Grocery at Bonner.

Have you seen my other Canberra Asian Grocer Posts? Part 1 is here and you can find Part 2 here.





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  1. Jasvir Reply

    Where is your store located in Canberra, can you please send me your a address.

  2. Cheryl Reply

    Love your Canberra Asian grocer series! It is most helpful as I have just moved back to Canberra & trying to find my footing around. I shall be hitting those grocers very soon. Thanks again!

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