Singapore Life #13 – Kitchen Fails

I assure you that not everything I cook for this blog works out. Sometimes the dish tastes great but the photos just don’t translate that. Other times, the dish is ok but needs some improvement, but I like the photos. I don’t often have a kitchen fail, but when I do it’s a doozy like the ‘frozen yogurt’ and my attempt at deep fried lotus root chips below.

I’m rarely one to give up though so many of these are still in the pipeline as I make changes and adjustments so that I get them to a standard of what Key and I now refer to as ‘blog worthy.’

So today, here is just a little look at some things that haven’t quite worked out.


Sometimes the internet lies *gasp* I assure you that adding goodies like pureed mangoes, macadamias and chopped white chocolate to natural yogurt and then freezing it, does not result in frozen yogurt. What you get is a rock hard slab that tastes like sour milk with little pockets of sweetness that unfortunately do not save it. I should have known it sounded too good to be true. I don’t often make things that are inedible, but this basically was. What a waste of mangoes, macadamias and white chocolate!


kitchen fail

I can’t deep fry. That is all.



This had so much potential and it’s one I’m going to try and perfect (see also main pic up the very top). It was a layered bake with grilled zucchini, sautéed spinach and rich beef mince. Where did I go wrong? I thought using cottage cheese as a kind of béchamel sauce-like layer would be a great idea. It did taste good, but all of the liquid in the cheese seeped out of it while the bake was cooking, so when you cut into it, there was a big pool of liquid in the bottom. I plan to try this again with maybe ricotta next time.



Baking from scratch is hard! In order to make sure I’m not plagiarising on here I want to be able to come up with my own recipes but that doesn’t always work with baking. It’s definitely much more of a science. For example  you need to get the ratios of flour and rising agent right. These salted choc chip cookies were definitely edible but you could taste the baking soda in them just a little too much. I will try again soon when I have enough willpower to have cookies in my kitchen without eating them all.



Key loved these marinated labne balls and they kept really well in the fridge in some olive oil. They were more like a spread though instead of a firm cheese ball. Mum makes awesome almost cheese like labne and I wanted this to be like hers. I will try them again soon, this time I plan to drain the yogurt for two days instead of just overnight.



The elusive home made chilli paste. I thought this was really promising. It made an ok laksa style soup but it didn’t pack anywhere near as much punch as a store bought paste. - Just freezing yogurt does not make frozen yogurt. Who would have thought?



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