iHerb Haul and a Discount Code

iHerb is an American based company that sells nutritional supplements, organic and natural food items, other healthy products and a large range of ethical / organic beauty products.

I’ve done a bit of iHerb shopping over the past few months and thought you might like to have a squiz at my iHerb haul.

If you are a new iHerb customer, you can also use this discount code to get $10 off on a purchase of $40 or more, or $5 off if the order is less than $40.00.

iHerb Discount Code: ZTR460

You can find another of my iHerbs hauls here.

iHerb Green Tea Kombucha

Yogi Green Tea Kombuca (available here) This tea is my all time fave iHerb product and I’ve got mum hooked on it too. I don’t know about the health benefits from the kombucha (I would have thought fresh kombucha was best in that sense) but this tastes delicious with none of that bitterness that I sometimes taste with other green teas.


iHerb Haul and a Discount Code

Yogi Skin DeTox Tea (available here) Due to my love of the Yogi green tea, I decided to try this Skin DeTox tea out. I don’t love it as much as the green tea, but this is a really nice tea too. It  has hibiscus flower in it, which is good for me as I’ve read that it can help with hypertension.


iHerb Dried Raspberries

Nature’s All Freeze Dried Raspberries (available here) When raspberries are freeze dried, they develop an intensified flavour, which I absolutely love and pairs amazingly with chocolate. I have found freeze dried raspberries a little tricky to find at the shops, so I’m glad that I can easily order these online. I made some dark chocolate truffles at Christmas with these dried raspberries in them and they were delicious!


iHerb Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco Chocolates (available here) These Alter Eco chocolates were new to me. I was super excited by the Dark Salted Brown Butter but unfortunately it didin’t really live up to my expectations. It was certainly still beautiful dark chocolate block, but it was not salted enough for me (I am a sweet and salty fiend though) and I could not taste the browned butter element at all. I’m yet to try the others, but I’m sure they will all be a beautiful quality dark chocolate.

Chocolove Chocolates (available here) I haven’t tried these Chocolove chocolates yet, but I love the look of them. These are only two of the brands of chocolate available on iHerb. Searching for ‘chocolate’ on iHerb is very dangerous.


iHerb Mrs Meyers Clean Day

Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Cleaning Products (available here) Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day is my fave brand on iHerb. This cleaning stuff all smells AMAZING. I know it seems really weird to be this excited over hand soap, surface spray cleaner and fabric softener but it all smells amazing and is genuinely good quality stuff. I’m not one of those people that enjoys cleaning, but I feel like a Suzy Homemaker when my kitchen is all sparkling clean and smelling good!


Mrs Meyers Candles

Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Candles (available here) Good news everyone – these Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day candles smell just as good as the cleaning products and they perfume the whole room. In fact, these candles have made me a total candle snob. I compare all candles to these now, they are genuinely that good. My favourite scent is the basil, it’s so clean and fresh without being too feminine. Love it!


iHerb Haul

Rapunzel Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (available here) I don’t know if this is trying to be a Nutella knock off, but this is the closest tasting thing to the real deal  that I have ever tried. The texture is a little more buttery than Nutella, but the taste is spot on if you ask me. Don’t get too excited though, this may be organic, but I assure you it is still full of sugar and is surely no better nutritionally for you than the real thing.

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (available here) This was a purchase on a whim. I’d seen powdered peanut butter before, but had never tried it. You add water to this and it makes a spreadable, but slightly rougher textured, peanut butter. I personally wouldn’t use this to make peanut butter to spread on toast, but I do plan to use it in baking and smoothies. I also used some to make a powdered peanut butter hot chocolate mix at Christmas time and it was perfect for that use.


iHerb Real Techniques

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman make up brushes (available here) Yes, I realise that make up brushes have no place on a food blog, but if you want good quality, cruelty free make up brushes, I can highly recommend these. These brushes are available in Aus, but they are much cheaper on iHerb.


iHerb Almond Biscuits

Almondina Original Almond Biscuits (available here) The almond biscuits were thinly sliced and very crunchy like a biscotti. They were delicious with a coffee.

I hope you enjoyed having a squiz at some of my recent iHerb purchases.

iHerb Discount Code: ZTR460





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