Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas

Do you give homemade food gifts at Christmas time? I always make chocolate truffles but usually some other homemade gifts appear as well. This year, as we are travelling for Christmas, additional home made gifts won’t be possible. It’s going to be enough of a rush to get my truffles made.

I normally don’t post on Wednesdays, but seeing as this is the week before Christmas, I thought I’d post today for any of you that are looking for some last minute homemade food gift inspiration.


 Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas


If I wasn’t flying around 6000km home for Christmas this year, I’d definitely make biscotti (recipe here) to give as a little home made gift. It’s a little time consuming with the double bake, but don’t let that deter you, as it’s very easy to make. You could change up the flavours too. Dried cranberry and pistachio would suit the festive season so well.



If someone gave me a big jar of homemade dill pickles (recipe here) for Christmas, I’d love them forever. In fact, I have received a large jar of pickles as a gift before and I did love it!


cream cheese cookies

Cookies are a great gift at Christmas time. These cream cheese cookies with white chocolate and blueberries (recipe here) are easy to make in big batches and would look great gifted in a Christmas themed gift box.



Hello frozen mixed berry jam (recipe here) I’ve given jam as gifts before and I’ll do it again. This jam is much easier to make than traditional because it sets in the freezer! It doesn’t have as long of a shelf life though, so make sure you let your giftee know that they will need to keep it in the fridge straight away.



A lovely bottle of home made cucumber infused gin (recipe here) would be an excellent Christmas present. It needs a few days to infuse so get started NOW :)


Home made Food Gifts

I can just picture these date and nut bites (recipe here) wrapped in a cellophane gift bag, tied with a ribbon. They are like the healthier version of truffles :)


Homemade Food Gifts

Gift these cute jars of marinated feta (recipe here) to your cheese loving friend. They extend the shelf life of the feta for ages and taste delicious too.


home made trail mix

Trail mix (recipe here) is another lighter option for your health fiend friends and family members. If I was given a gift bag of this, I’d eat it all that day. I see no problems there :)


Happy Gifting!



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