Happy Blog Birthday and Sharing the Love

Surprise! A sneaky Saturday post because today is my blog birthday. One year ago I made my first post on here!

I was going to celebrate by doing something self serving (albeit enjoyable) like a macaron review and then I remembered that I can’t find a job and therefore there is no monies in my macaron fund…poop. Never mind, I’ve decided a much better way to celebrate it is to share with you some of the awesome recipes and blogs that I’ve come across lately.

blog birthday

PornBurger. I’m not sure I need to say any more about this website, just go there NOW! pornburger.me

I tried Sarah’s (The Sugar Hit) BEST oven chips on Thursday night. They were fantastic and quite likely THE BEST. I implore you to make them, Key and I enjoyed them with schnittiez and some home made coleslaw. Check out the recipe here.

Will you just look at this Grilled Peach and Haloumi Salad on Rye. I found Laura’s blog (The Yoghurt Pot) this month and I’m a bit in lurve. She’s only 15! When I was 15 I was way too busy wearing way too much eyeliner and black clothes to do anything as talented as this girl is.

Two Red Bowls got all brioche crazy recently. I must admit I’ve never really been that into brioche, but this Braided Red Bean Brioche is right up my alley. It’s on my to cook list.

Molly from My Name is Yeh linked my salt crusted potatoes this month and I got a shit-tonne of hits because of it. Thank you very much Molly, I’m honoured to have been linked by you :) Go and check out her blog, starting here with her Bacon and Egg Pan Fried Steamed Buns.

I’ve also been pinning recipes like a mad lady to make sure that I don’t forget to make them. Have a squiz at my Pinterest boards if you want to see some other recipes that are in my ‘to cook’ list.

Follow The Wooden Spoons’s board To Cook: Mains and Dinner Ideas on Pinterest.

  Follow The Wooden Spoons’s board To Cook: Desserts and Baking on Pinterest.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to my long term, new and ‘just-popping-by’ readers. Honestly your comments and ‘likes’ mean the world to me. I don’t do this for any type of money or acknowledgement, I just do it because I love sharing and connecting with my friends, family and like minded people like YOU. Woop woop, bring on another year!





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Hi! I’m Taryn. The Wooden Spoons is a food blog and collection of wooden spoons, recipes and stories. I’m a Canberra fan-girl with a passion for all things food. I love South East Asian food, fusion food done well and slow cooked anything. I don’t get quinoa, have a mild phobia of milk touching my skin and custard from a package freaks me out. Thanks for joining me on my cooking and food adventures.

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