Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my mum’s birthday. It’s hard being away from friends and family, but especially so on special occasions like this. So this one is for you mum.

The first thing I ever learnt to cook was spaghetti bolognese and it was mum that taught me. It was a simple, and quickly cooked affair and I don’t ever remember putting any salt in it. I don’t know if mum put salt in it when I turned my back, or if perhaps we were using a jar of sauce, but I do remember that it always tasted really good. I made it for years and for many of those years, mum would cook the spaghetti for me so that I wasn’t going near any boiling water.

Growing up, I remember mun making beer sausages. Beer sausages was a sausage casserole full of chunky veggies and a bottle of dad’s beer in it. Mum would probably be embarrassed that I remember her making that, but if mum served that up today, I know that my whole family would  smash a huge bowl of it each.

In more recent years, I’ve realised that no one makes a better potato bake then mum. Some of my other favourites are her chicken fricasse with garlic mash, her pumpkin souffle and a rice pudding with an amazing pomegranate molasses syrup.


Mum’s potato bake and pumpkin souffle

Mum will find out when she reads this, that for her present this year, I will be taking her to a cooking class when she comes over to visit later in the year. I know it will be something we can do together that we will both enjoy and maybe we will pick up some new tricks.

If you’ve read the link in the top left corner, you would know that this blog was named for mum and she has certainly played a massive part in both my love for food and in my cooking abilities.

Happy birthday mum, miss you heaps and love you more.


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  1. Mum Reply

    Thank you for the lovely message for my birthday. I am glad that you have good food memories. I always got a huge kick out of making things you all loved. It always did and still does make my day when people say ” that was yummy”.
    I think you forgot one food memory. But perhaps it is one you wanted to forget. Remember our quiche phase. Goodness we ate a lot of that when you were all growing up.
    Keep up the great blog. I log in every morning and I am always excited to see your next update. It doesn’t feel like you are sooooooo far away. Looking forward to my cooking class.
    Love you

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