Singapore Life #40 – Goodbye Singapore

Zàijiàn, Selamat Tinggal, Kuṭpai, Goodbye. That’s ‘goodbye’ in Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and English, which are Singapore’s 4 officially recognised languages. This will be the final ever Singapore Life post, as tonight, we jump on a plane and head back to our beloved Canberra.

Top 5 Things I’ll Miss About Singapore

The extremely loveable, kind and gorgeous friends that we have made here.

The insanely fast internet.

Sephora. Sephora. Sephora.

The view from our bedroom window.

A valid excuse to have fuzzy hair all the time.


Botanic Gardens

Top 5 Foods I’ll Miss

Chicken Rice.




Easy access to cheap, fresh whole coconuts.



Top 5 Things I’m looking forward to

Being closer to our beloved friends, family and pets.

Having a dishwasher!!!

Driving a car.

Walking into a supermarket and buying boneless chicken thighs and proper bacon.

Winter. Fluffy socks, slippers, thick blankets, jeans and scarves…Winter.


The ArtScience Museum and Marina Bay Sands

What I’ll be Taking Home With Me

A few extra kilos of bodyweight (ok, more than a few hehe) and some damn long hair that desperately needs a haircut.

A lot of open shoes and warm weather clothes that I won’t be needing for a while.

A confirmed love of South East Asian food.

Our air pot. It’s bloody awesome.

This blog! Things may be quiet for a few weeks while we move, but I will definitely continue cooking and blogging here, albeit less frequently.


View of Louis Vuitton and the financial district from Marina Bay Sands

What I’ve Learnt

That I need to be close to my family.

That Key and I can get through anything together.

Singapore’s public transport is amazing.

I am damn proud to be Australian.

That stomp is hilarious.

goodbye singapore

Looking out to the ships off the East coast at night

Goodbye Singapore. You and your people have welcomed us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that. I’m sure we will be back in the next few years to see friends, revisit much loved places and to pile on some chicken rice kilos.

I’m taking (at least) next week off, but I will speak to you all soon.


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Hi! I’m Taryn. The Wooden Spoons is a food blog and collection of wooden spoons, recipes and stories. I’m a Canberra fan-girl with a passion for all things food. I love South East Asian food, fusion food done well and slow cooked anything. I don’t get quinoa, have a mild phobia of milk touching my skin and custard from a package freaks me out. Thanks for joining me on my cooking and food adventures.
  1. Mum Reply

    You made me cry. How lucky you have both been to have such a great start together in a strange place. Now, together, you will be able to face anything!

    Cannot wait to get you both home and take that bloody annoying cat off our hands:-)

    • Taryn Reply

      See you soon xx

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