Dad’s Best Ever Prawn Cocktail

Today’s Cooking From My Cook Books post has been changed to tomorrow because…It’s my Dad’s birthday today.

Happy Birthday Faja!

My dad makes the best ever prawn cocktail. I won’t get to see him today so instead I thought I’d celebrate by showing you how to make his prawn cocktail.

What I think makes this prawn cocktail so good is the addition of capers and pickled ginger. Not a combination that occurs often I’m sure, but it really works.

Dad absolutely loves pickled ginger. When mum and dad recently visited us in Singapore, I took them to a sushi train and Dad probably ate more pickled ginger than he did sushi.


To make Dad’s best ever prawn cocktail you will need:

  • Cooked prawns, heads removed and peeled
  • Finely shredded iceberg lettuce
  • Thousand island dressing – HAS to be the packaged stuff
  • Capers – Dad also adds caper berries in sometimes
  • Pickled ginger – you know, the stuff you get with your sushi
  • An appropriately retro prawn cocktail cup


Season up those prawns really well with salt and pepper and then place them on top of the shredded lettuce in the retro cup.

Garnish with the capers and pickled ginger and dollop thousand island dressing on it.

Nom it.

dad's best ever prawn cocktail

Dad often makes this as a little entree before serving a delicious roast dinner main. It made 10 months of moving back in with mum and dad as a 26 year old very bearable indeed :)


prawn cocktail


Hope you have a great birthday Faja. Love you lots xx



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