Cold Brew Coffee and Cafe Style Iced Coffee

Just a simple one today. Key is busy this week. He may still post here from time to time but for now, you have to put up with me on Tuesdays :)

It’s ok though, this was inspired by him anyway! Instead of my usual hot cup, he started making a cold coffee for us some mornings. It makes sense to drink cold coffee here because of the climate, so we both ended up making a cold coffee in the mornings about half of the time. We would make the hot coffee with my trusty stove top coffee pot, then pour it over ice and top up with cold milk. It was an ok method, but a lot of the ice was melting straight away and watering down the coffee and it was never icy cold. Around the same time, I started to hear about cold brew coffee and saw various recipes pop up on blogs so I thought this might be a good solution. Cold coffee needs no ice cubes, plus I liked the idea of having a jug of cold coffee in the fridge ready to go.


The ratio of coffee to water can definitely be played with a bit. I’ve made this twice now, once with 80g of coffee to 1L of water and another time with only 20g. The 80g batch was pretty strong, but I didn’t mind so much as I just used more milk. It did however go through a lot of ground coffee for just 1L of resulting liquid. The 20g batch is definitely a weaker brew, but still strong enough to make a nice morning coffee. Most mornings I use about half coffee to half milk with this weaker batch. Play around with it and see what works best for you.



If you think of it, give it a quick stir a few times while it’s brewing in the fridge.



It may drain quite slowly especially if you have used a higher ratio of coffee, so just be patient.


Cold Brew Coffee

Ingredients – Makes 1 L

  • 20g ground coffee beans
  • 1L cold tap water



  1. Stir together the coffee and water in a large jug. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  2. When ready to use, drain through muslin or a cloth. Store in an airtight jug.
  3. Cold brew coffee lasts a few days in the fridge.


Cafe Style Iced Coffee with Coffee Syrup

I came across this yummy coffee syrup while making my sister’s birthday cake. Make up a batch of this and keep it in the fridge to make cafe style iced coffees

Mix half cold brew coffee with half milk then top with whipped cream and a drizzle of coffee syrup. If you like your coffee sweetened, you can also stir some of the syrup into the coffee and milk.




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