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I kinda left you hanging there on my last My Kitchen Collections post – sorry about that! I do have one more kitchen collection to show you though and I’ve possibly left the best to last – it is my wooden spoon collection. My other kitchen collections posts are here if you would like to see all of them.

If you have read my about page, you will know that my mum has a massive collection of wooden spoons and that is where the name for this blog came from. In recent years though, I have been building up a small collection of wooden spoons myself.

Let’s have a squiz at them today and I’ll show you a perfect Winter breakfast of Coconut Porridge.

The Wooden Spoons

This is where the majority of my wooden spoons live. In their Le Creuset utensil holder (which was a lovely Xmas present) next to a matching lidded container which I keep my salt flakes in.


wooden spoons collection

Of course, you don’t need a large collection of wooden spoons, but a few different shapes and sizes will be beneficial for your kitchen. These are some of my favourites.

I love the pink one on the end (a prez from my brother and my sister-in-law, C-John) for stirring chocolate that’s melting and I always use it when making truffles at Christmas time. The silicone end makes it easy to clean and ensures that absolutely no water from the wood can get into the chocolate, making it seize.

The orange silicone one was actually Key’s originally. I remember laughing when he bought it years ago as he paid around $30 for it. A price that, at the time, I thought was very extravagant. I have since picked up his taste in the more expensive things in life and I do also admit that the silicone end on this is amazing for making scrambled eggs.

I also love the fork shape of the spoon that’s 5th from the left. It’s fantastic for stirring spaghetti while it’s cooking. I love the 3 smaller ones on the end and I tend to use them for just one sole purpose – the one on the furthest left for scooping flour when baking, the next one in for scooping tea leaves and the 3rd one in for getting sticky vanilla seed paste out of those small jars.

So grab two wooden spoons and let’s talk porridge. This coconut porridge is made with coconut water  and served with fresh passionfruit, banana and a gula Melaka coconut cream syrup. It’s like a Thai sticky rice dessert, but in breakfast form.


The liquid for the porridge is coconut water, which in my mind, is lighter than milk and makes it dairy free if that’s something that you are looking for.



Porridge is perfect Winter food, but the banana and passionfruit freshens it up a bit and gives a Summery-tropical feel to it.


coconut chips

These roasted coconut chips add a nice crunchy element. I picked these up from the supermarket in the dried fruit aisle and they are absolutely delicious. They are crunchy, sweet and a little salty and they work so well with the other coconut and tropical elements in this porridge. if you can’t find them though, normal coconut flakes will also do the trick.


gula melaka

The gula melaka and coconut cream syrup will be a familiar taste to you if you have ever had a Thai sticky rice dessert. Gula melaka is a Malaysian coconut palm sugar and it’s amazing. Excuse my unattractive looking bag of it, it got a bit melty in the car on a day when I was driving around to multiple Asian grocers. Brown sugar or another type of palm sugar will be a good substitute for this if needed.


gula melaka syrup

The gula melaka and coconut cream just needs to come up to the boil and it will thicken into a lovely thick syrup to drizzle over your porridge.



The linseeds (aka flaxseeds) in the porridge are optional. I like the texture that they add as well as the health benefits that they offer. Best to get some good healthy elements like the coconut water, linseeds and wholemeal porridge into you for breakfast, especially if you are going to smother it in a sugary, coconut cream syrup hehe.



The oats just need some stirring on the stove top to turn into a creamy porridge. I also like to use the microwave to make porridge if I’m in a rush.


wooden spoons

A wooden spoon to stir the porridge and another for the coconut cream syrup :)


Coconut Porridge with Passionfruit and Banana | The Wooden Spoons

To serve, place the porridge into a bowl, scatter over the passionfruit,  banana slices and roasted coconut flakes and drizzle generously with the gula melaka and coconut syrup.


Coconut Porridge with Passionfruit, Banana and Gula Melaka Coconut Syrup – My Kitchen Collections | The Wooden Spoons

This will serve 1 to 2 people depending on how much porridge you like and how much you like to eat for breakfast. When I made this, I tucked into a big bowl of it myself and it kept me full for hours. I know that others though (like Key) find big bowls of porridge a little too heavy and prefer smaller serving sizes of it.


Coconut Porridge with Passionfruit, Banana and Gula Melaka Coconut Syrup

Ingredients – Serves 1-2

  • ¼ cup of coconut cream
  • ½ tbs of gula melaka. Alternatively use another type of palm sugar or brown sugar
  • ½ cup of wholegrain oats
  • 2 tsp of linseeds – optional
  • 1 cup of coconut water
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 Banana, peeled and sliced
  • Passionfruit pulp from 1 passionfruit
  • 1-2 tbs of roasted coconut flakes. Alternatively use dried coconut flakes



  1. Place the coconut cream and gula melaka into a small saucepan with a pinch of salt. Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly. After 2-3 minutes it should be bubbling rapidly and thickened. Remove from heat and set aside.
  2. To make the porridge, add the oats, coconut water and linseeds into a medium saucepan and heat over medium low heat.
  3. Bring it up to a simmer and let simmer for 3-4 minutes stirring occasionally until creamy and cooked through.
  4. To serve, place the porridge into a bowl, scatter over the passionfruit,  banana slices and roasted coconut flakes and drizzle generously with the gula melaka and coconut syrup.


Coconut Porridge | The Wooden Spoons





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Hi! I’m Taryn. The Wooden Spoons is a food blog and collection of wooden spoons, recipes and stories. I’m a Canberra fan-girl with a passion for all things food. I love South East Asian food, fusion food done well and slow cooked anything. I don’t get quinoa, have a mild phobia of milk touching my skin and custard from a package freaks me out. Thanks for joining me on my cooking and food adventures.
  1. Tandy | Lavender and Lime Reply

    I am always looking for ways to use my coconut water so this is a great recipe for me :)

  2. Barb Bamber Reply

    What a great collection of spoons.. you’re mother had a great idea! I’ve got a few but not nearly as interesting and diverse as yours! Love your porridge recipe, I think the new flavors in this one would be fantastic.

    • Taryn Reply

      Thanks so much Barb!

  3. Lizzy (Good Things) Reply

    Delicious recipe with a lovely combination of flavours.

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