Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

No Singapore life today because I have something important to tell you. Now don’t freak out, but there are just over three weeks until Christmas.

You freaked out didn’t you?

Key and I are lucky enough to be travelling back to Canberra to spend Christmas and New Years with our friends and families. We have had to put a bit of thought into presents that we will be taking back, as we have limited space and weight allowance in our luggage. It’s also meant that I can’t just put 20 cook books on my personal wish list that mum always requests. So not only is this a bit of vicarious shopping for me, but in case you need some assistance with buying something for your foodie friend or loved one, here is my Christmas gift guide for foodies.

Click on the yellow text for links to where you can buy these items. I’ve tried to give you a mix of Singaporean and Australia based places, as well as some places that will ship internationally. Because of the different currencies, I’ve also left prices off, but you can easily click through to find out more information.

All photo credits belong to the individual websites linked below.

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

Heading Picture

Beer Tasters from Wheel and Barrow – 4 beer glasses for sampling beers on a wooden paddle.

Bourke Street Bakery, The Bread and Butter Project from Pan Macmillan Australia – I know a certain best friend of mine that would love this cook book. Sorry Mrs. No Vowels – it won’t fit in my suitcase :(

Trendig Tea Towels from Ikea – Tea towels for the quirky foodie.


gift guide for foodies

Caldrea® Sea Salt Neroli 3-Piece Kitchen Soap Set from Crate and Barrel – Neroli hand soap, dish soap and countertop spray in a stainless steel stand.

Margarita salt set from Williams and Sonoma – Chilli, classic and lime flavoured salts for rimming margarita glasses. Need I say more?


Sunbeam JE7800 Double Sieve Juicer from Myer – I’m lucky enough to have a juicer in storage at home and I have missed it heaps this year. This is a great one for the kitchen-electronics-loving foodie.


BMO Acrylic Cup with Straw from ThinkGeek – I am not only obsessed with sippy cups at the moment, but also Adventure Time. Yes…I am 5 years old. Yes…adding this to my wish list please :)

Sriracha Water Bottle from ThinkGeek – Just plain awesome.


christmas gift guide for foodies

Matt Preston – Fast, Fresh and Unbelievably Delicious from Pan Macmillan Australia – I got a Matt Preston cook book for Christmas last year and sure enough, this is one of the limited few on my wish list this year. He writes simple, delicious and sometimes quirky recipes and I like them a lot. The sealed section in this one also intrigues me.

Senior 3 Piece Wooden Spoon set from Ikea – I always buy my mum some wooden spoons at Christmas to add to her collection and this set from Ikea is my all time favourite. Mum – I haven’t yet decided on your wooden spoon addition for this year.



Jars Cantine Dinner Set (individual items) from Williams and Sonoma – *drools*



Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses from ThinkGeek – These mason jar shot glasses are just awesome. Buy your foodie / drinkie friend these and a bottle of their favourite alcohol.

Extra Large Sphere Ice Mould Set from Wheel and Barrow – Or these spherical ice cube moulds and their favourite scotch. Hello.



Le Creuset Honey Pot and Silicone Dipper from Le Creuset – The first time I saw this in the shops, I picked it up and held it to my face like it was a newborn baby. Key can attest to this. I don’t know why, but I love this SO much.

Aladdin Tea on the Go from Crate and Barrel – This insulated travel mug has a a built in tea infuser that you flip up out of the water once your tea has infused. I’m a big fan of these. Key and I both have them and I have bought them as presents before too. Buy some loose leaf teas and one of these for the tea lover foodie.


Happy Shopping!



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