Breakfast of Champs

Today is the first post in a series of short posts from Key. Yes, we have had a nickname change. Mr. K seemed a bit too formal, so Key it is.

There is a hawker centre below where he works and these posts will focus on food from there, as well as other solo food adventures he has had. The food in Singapore is so good, and generally high quality, but it can also sometimes have a bit of quirk or comedy to it and I think you will get a good feel for that in Key’s posts.


Toast is a big part of Singaporean breakfast culture and nothing helps toast go down like a nice cold Milo. Like most things in Singapore, there is a very familiar feel to a lot of the things you eat, but sometimes there is something in the back of your mind telling you this just isn’t quite right. It’s not a bad thing mind you, just not quite as you know it.

Ham and Cheese Toasty with Milo

During the first bite something was amiss, the bread was absolutely smothered in salted butter before being toasted in a sandwich press. It was at this point I moved my hand to the Milo expecting a nice cold palate cleanser only to find my hand was getting warm. The Milo inside was a hot Milo made from 3 in 1 Milo mix (Milo, milk powder and sugar) that at the last minute before serving had ice thrown into it.

I went onto finish the “ham” and cheese toasty with my lukewarm Milo and enjoyed it a lot, but it was not what I was expecting.


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Taryn's other half.
  1. Key Reply

    Mr K really reminds me of a teacher in high school called Mr Kay.
    Not a bad guy but it doesn’t sound like me in my head.

  2. DAVID Reply

    Definately Mr K is the way to go!

  3. Jessie Reply

    I want that breakfast! By the way I prefer Mr. K, it makes you sound like a boss (said in gangsta voice)

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