Singapore Life #26 – Bonheur Patisserie Macarons

Nerdy-macaron-post time!


A few weeks back I gave you a quick look at the macarons that we got from the Bonheur Patisserie stand at the Pasar Bella Markets. Now it’s time for a more detailed review of them :)



First things first…flavours.

Foreground: passionfruit and milk choc and Thai iced tea.

Stacked up: peppermint and milk choc and sakura.

Background: passionfruit and white choc and a banana and milk choc is just visible at the very back there.

Key chose 3 and I chose 3, which was great as Key chose some flavours that I wouldn’t normally have picked. We paid $18.50SGD (about $15.80AUD) for a box of 6.



The first thing I noticed about these macarons is that they were larger than the average macaron. A standard macaron is apparently meant to be about 3.5cm in diameter, whereas I would say these were closer to 4.5cm. This is by no means a negative. There is something lovely about a petite macaron but I have no qualms with the size of my macarons. Bonheur Patisserie probably need to get slightly bigger boxes though, as the 6 that we got were jammed in the box so tightly, that I partially squished one while prising it out. Not the end of the world though, we just ate that one first :)



You can see in this pic that they all have very good macaron feet. Oh macaron feet, how I love you.

The sakura flavour (far right) had a very soft buttercream filling and the macaron biscuit was quite good. It tasted of a very light butter and vanilla flavour. I’d heard of Sakura before but looked it up for some more info. I found that it’s a Japanese cherry blossom flavour. I’m not sure that I tasted any hint of that in this macaron, but I enjoyed it all the same.


bonheur patisserie

This yellow banana macaron had a milk choc filling. The filling was set slightly harder so I imagine it was more of a ganache than a buttercream. The ganache had a lovely consistency that I personally preferred to the very soft buttercream of the sakura macaron. The buttercream tasted like it did have actual chocolate in it as opposed to cocoa but it did have a lovely sprinkle of cocoa as decoration, which looked great against the pastel yellow. This was one of Key’s choices, I’m not normally a fan of that fake banana flavour (like a fake banana milkshake…yuck) but I do love real bananas. This definitely tasted like more of a banana flavouring to me as opposed to real banana but I still enjoyed it and Key loved it.

The blue passionfruit macaron had a white chocolate passionfruit flavoured ganache. This one was actually labelled as ganache at the shop, so I’m pretty sure that all of the chocolate fillings were ganaches (FTW) This one had my favourite decoration with the sesame seeds sprinkled on top. It only had a few so you didn’t really get any of the sesame taste (a good thing) but they just looked so cute. I absolutely love passionfruit paired with chocolate and actually made passionfruit and milk chocolate truffles for Christmas last year which I based off a Heston Blumenthal tart that I have also made. This macaron packed all the passionfruit flavour punch that I wanted and it actually reminded me of my truffles. This was Key’s pick, but it was my favourite of the lot. Inspired by this macaron, I might do white choc and passionfruit truffles this year.



This peppermint and milk choc (bottom) was another of Key’s picks and it just worked so well. Peppermint and milk choc is classic pairing in my opinion and this macaron took advantage of that lovely combination. The peppermint wasn’t too strong…it just worked.



Sadly, these passionfruit and milk choc macaron lacked the passionfruit kick that I was after. You could definitely taste the passionfruit so others may love it, but for me, I much preferred the stronger passionfruit taste in the white choc version. Purely personal preference though. This ganache was also set quite hard and you might also be able to tell even in the pic, that it was just slightly grainy. I’m being picky here though it was still technically a great macaron.

The Thai iced tea was marked as a new flavour and I was pretty excited as I love heavily spiced Thai iced tea. This filling had a slightly different texture to both the buttercream and ganache versions. For me, it had more of a consistency of set condensed milk. I might be way off, but either way it was nice and sticky and worked really well. The flavour was a bit of a let down for me though. It did taste like tea, but just a normal cup of sweet black tea as opposed to a heavily spice laced Thai iced tea. That’s a new flavour for me anyway… a ‘cup of tea’ macaron!



I preferred the more unusual flavours that I had at Gobi Cakes (review here) but again, that’s a personal taste preference. Bonheur Patisserie also had many more flavours than the 6 that we tried, so I would like to go back and try some more.

Overall, good examples of macarons technically. They all had good feet and mostly very good fillings. They all maybe needed slightly more crunch to the macaron shells. While they were crunchy, they weren’t quite the perfect egg shell crack. But hey, I’ve never made macarons before and I know how hard they are, so kudos to Bonheur Patisserie. Definitely check them out if you are at Pasar Bella.



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