Beverage Series – Quick Drink Ideas

This will be the last post in my Beverage Series. You can have a look back at all of the recipes in the series here.

Today I’ll recap some of my favourites and I also have some really simple ideas for you that taste great.

lemon iced tea

This Lemon Iced Tea was my favourite recipe in the series. So simple to make but so tasty and refreshing.



For a really simple vodka cocktail, just add fruit. Try canned lychees and fresh blueberries, broken up a little with a rolling pin or pestle. Add a shot of vodka and top up with lemonade.

Or my personal favourite is a shot of vodka, with a generous tablespoon of good quality vanilla paste, topped off with lemonade. Vanilla vodka!



Poor Key disliked the intense rosewater flavour in my Bandung Rosewater Drink.

If though, like me, you are a rosewater lover, then you have to try this. It’s so rich and tasty.



Change up a portion (or all) of the milk that you normally put in your coffee. Condensed milk is a naughty treat and I also love adding coconut milk to my coffee. The taste is so rich and creamy.



I basically lived off this home made tonic last time I had a cold.

Just slice a lemon, roughly chop some ginger and add a little honey to a mug. Top it up with hot water and drink it like a tea. It really did make me feel better but it’s also nice even if you aren’t sick. I’m drinking the mug in this photo as I type :)


white chocolate chai tea

This White Chocolate Chai Tea would have been Key’s fave. What’s not to like about white chocolate and chai tea?


coffee ice cubes

Try making some coffee ice cubes for your cold brew or iced coffee. Just make your black coffee as you normally would and then freeze in ice cube trays.

They will keep your coffee cold without diluting it.

Also check out our new awesome coffee carafe!



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