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A little look at life around here…


A few weekends ago we went out to Sentosa Island. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sentosa is a funny place. So man made and tacky. To be fair, there are lots of attractions on the little man made island that are worth seeing and the transport around the island is so simple. The buses and the monorail are free once you’ve paid to get onto the island. Entry price varies depending on how you arrive but I know the monorail from Vivocity is about $4.00SGD return.



We had planned to go to the aquarium but we didn’t do that much research as we figured there would be only one on Sentosa. When we got on the island we just jumped on the first bus that we saw was going to an aquarium and it turns out we went to the old aquarium instead of the new one. Oh well, didn’t matter in the end as the old one was quite good. They had some amazing sting rays, turtles and some other sea creatures that neither of us had seen before so we were glad to have ended up there.



That’s me in the fish tank dome. You had to crawl on hands and knees to get into that dome thing and then you could look out into the aquarium surrounding it. Yes, it was totally meant for kids :)



Jelly fish. I haven’t edited that colour at all.



So…the seal and dolphin show was free with admission. I know, totally cliched, but it was actually the first time I’d ever been to anything like that and it wasn’t terrible. Also we had an ice cream because it was hot, perhaps that’s why I have such fond memories :)



It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the dolphins were PINK. Apparently that’s a thing.



More Sentosa contradictions. You can see the massive shipping container cranes in the background not far from where you go into Universal Studios.


around here

I’ve been obsessed with candles lately. They have to be good ones that burn evenly and have a nice smell though. I’m a candle snob!



(camera phone picture)

My brother made my slow cooked crispy skin chicken and all of the sides! I’m a proud sissa.



We found a new cider this week. Matson’s Brewery from New Zealand. I think it’s probably the best cider I’ve ever had!



I made a chicken casserole with these scones (or biscuits as they are known in America) this week. I made up the chicken casserole as I went and it was ok, but not my best effort, but the scones on top…oh my, they were so light and fluffy. Yum!



I have been going through note books like crazy as I write down recipes as I cook for the blog. Typo had 3 for $10.00SGD so I picked up this sparkly pineapple one and one covered in flamingos. I don’t really like this shade of pink but I have a weird thing for flamingos. I just love them. The third isn’t pictured but it’s a smaller black one that just has ‘you’re weird. I like it’ written on it. Yup, that’s me.



I went on a trek last week to a German Grocer that comes highly recommended online. Details here. I got a bit excited as there was a lot of stuff I hadn’t seen before. As soon as I read online that they had quark, I knew I’d get some as it’s really hard to come by in Aus and I’d never tried it before. It’s got a few weeks left on the use by so I’m still considering what I’ll do with it. They also had fresh spätzle but I thought I’d try this pasta instead. I’m pretty sure it’s a potato dumpling, kind of like gnocchi. I’m going to cook it for dinner tonight with a simple Alfredo pasta sauce.



Key has Austrian heritage on his mum’s side so he is familiar with some particular food items from that region. I was really hoping to get him some leberkäse because he loves it but they didn’t have any. They did have this Ajvar though which he also loves. I was surprised to see it there though as I thought it was more of a Serbian or Slovenian thing. We had it as a side sauce with steak last night and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It tastes more complex than I expected, I was expecting a plain capsicum taste but it was really smoky and delicious. Key says he likes to cook with it as a kind of sauce base like you would with pureed tomatoes, so I’ll have to try that next.

The keen eye will be drawn to that Speculoos spread in the middle there. It’s described as a cookie butter spread. OMG, it’s my new favourite spread. Yes, it’s better than Nutella. It’s also known as Biscoff spread but apparently this is the original and the best. At the German grocer they had a sign on it saying that people were limited to buying one jar due to the high demand for it. I will be going back to buy more for myself and more for christmas presents as it’s very hard to come by in Canberra.

The Calvé Pindakaas is a well known Dutch peanut butter. I got it because I love peanut butter but surprisingly Key likes this one more than I do. Key isn’t normally the biggest fan of highly processed peanut butter but this is not as smooth and much more natural tasting so he prefers this. Gimme highly processed peanut butter any day.



When I was in the shop a lady with a German accent bought about 6 packets of that Milch-Schnitte so I figured I’d grab some too. They were made by Ferrero (think Kinder surprise) and were bars with a a thin chocolate sponge, encasing a soft marshmallow-milky filling.

The stroopwafels were delicious wafer biscuits with a cinnamon-spiced thick, caramel like filling. I had a lot of fun trying to pronounce stroopwafel with a big rolling r and the ‘vaffel’ sound.



(camera phone picture)

This pic is from a supermarket that I frequent. $32.60SGD (approx $27.50AUD) for vanilla paste anyone? I don’t think so. I can buy that exact same brand in Aus for about $12.00AUD!!


Have a lovely weekend everyone.



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